Water fed pole brushes

Would like to hear what your go to brush is and also what factors would make you decide to switch brushes for a job. Pros and cons of pencil vs fan jets? 4 jets way better than 2? Basically I want to hear you rant about your first hand knowledge of wfp brushes.

Edit: can delete thread, I see there is a thread full of your guys knowledge on the subject already!

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where is this thread?

I’ve tried just about every WFP brush available over the course of many years. I don’t think there is just one best overall brush.

I have several brushes all with goosenecks and pole tips ready to switch out depending on the situation.

My favorite overall brush that I use daily is the red and black Facelift Phoenix one that is no longer available. It used to be sold with the Xero and Facelift poles.

I’ve really been digging the new Facelift Phantom sill brush.

In my opinion the Tucker brushes are way overrated. If the bristles were slightly longer and a little more flared out like the Facelift ones the Tucker brush could be number one.

Four pencil jets is my preferred set up. I do have a Tucker rinse bar that I use occasionally on really hydrophobic glass, but I find the bar gets in the way being on a brush head used daily.

I’ve been talking to @John a lot recently about brushes is why this thread caught my attention.

I’m waiting to hear back if the new Facelift Phantom brushes are an exact copy of the Tucker brushes or a new version of the Phoenix brushes. I’m definitely want to try if it’s the latter.