Water fed pole cleaning question

Hello again… I finally moved out of Jersey and I am ready to start my window cleaning biz. I have done a lot of research and plan to start sometime in June. My question to you all is… I see a lot of water fed pole systems and I can’t seem to understand how it works. Well my question is do you squeegie the windows dry after using the wfp because the videos and pics I find just show the window being cleaned… wont the window dry with water stains???


No, the water won’t leave any spots after it dries.

Water leaves spots because it has impurities in it (minerals, chems…etc)

“Pure water” that is used WFPs-- is just that, pure water, meaning it has been filtered and has little to no impurities left in it.

So once you scrub the window with the WFP, you then rinse off all the grime and dirt that was on the window, untill it is all off the window and the only thing left is that pure water.

So once that “pure water” dries, there is nothing left on the glass. All the dirt that was on the window has been scrubbed and rinsed off. The glass is now cleaner than if you had used a squeegee and soap because the WFP didn’t leave anything-- even soap residue that a squeegee would have left.

Unless it’s a really windy day, and dust/dirt/debris has managed to attach to the pure water left on the surface.

Unless you don’t rinse sufficiently.

Unless you use too much water pressure and your rinsing starts to splatter all over the place.

Unless you don’t sufficiently scrub off and rinse the top seal of soap/dirt/debris and allow drips to remain on the glass.

Bottom line: There are many conditions where a pure water system and WFP may leave spots, but experience will easily overcome them.

Check your area’s TDS range, determine the most efficient and cost-effective system for your needs, buy it, and work less for more money with lotsa satisfied customers. You can do it.

I was simply addressing his question of the mechanics of how a water fed pole works.

A squeegee works great too…unless you don’t have the squeegee seated properly on the glass, unless the rubber is worn out, unless the…

Experience will overcome these things too;)

Lol thanks guys

Down load this and give it a quick read it will answer all your questions:

2011 Pure Water Manual Update | Window Cleaning

If you have any further questions feel free to call me and I’ll do my best to walk you thru it. 319-325-9475