Water fed pole! Help

So im thinking of buying the alex wfp bundle. Do you guys have any thoughts is it a good system to buy. Seems like everything is included to get started. Any help is appreciated

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Yes go get it… only problem is the Micro is my favorite pole, the Pro basic is just real long even fully collapsed.

I just bought it this year. My first wfp and I love it! It has changed my window cleaning world all for the better. There is a small learning curve but you will love it.

Just picked it up a coup weeks ago and don’t have much practice with it yet but yes… it’s basically plug and play. I just picked up an roll of 100’ hose. I need to grab the attachment from the scrub brush but the couple of houses I’ve practiced on have been great

Yes it comes with everything you need a plug and play system. Included in this package is KIT INCLUDES

  • XERO Pure Revolution Purification System
  • XERO Micro Basic Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole
  • XERO Rubber Hose 3/8" - 100 Foot*
  • XERO Pure Add On Kit