Water Fed Pole Storage- PVC Pipe


Does anyone have any details/suggestions/plans on making a secured PVC pipe storage for their water fed poles? I saw Luke the Window Cleaner has one on his ladder rack and a couple of other people have some similar set-ups. I was thinking I could make one and attach it to the ceiling of my truck canopy with straps or something (it’s an old school aluminium canopy with aluminum support bars holding the structure on the inside)… Just seeking ideas. We’re in Western Canada, so we’re limited to Home Depot, Lowe’s, and a Canadian home improvement store called Rona.

Thanks in advance!

It’s not that complicated. 3" or 4" pipe, cut to length. Cap it on one end and stick a threaded cleanout plug w/coupling on the other.

Yeah, figured it would be simple. :+1:

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You’ll need

23’ of 4" pipe (schedule 80 but 40 works too)
7 - 90’s
5 - caps
1 - union
1 - heat gun or hotbox for bends
and a can of cleaner (the purple stuff) and a can of glue

Oh, wait. What are we building? A pole holder?

Then just get 4’ of 4" pvc.


To secure the end cap that twists on you can just drill diagonally a long hole in the cap and the tube and use a master lock (long version) to slip through the hole and secure it. (Sorry for the bad resolution photo.)


It’s all good. I was thinking of putting a lock on it too, so it’s good to see someone do it. Thanks for the pic.

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