Water Fed Pole Suggestions?

Typical thread I know. Here’s my situation though.

I will be putting together my own filtration system next week when the parts get here.

( Water Supply > Pressure Pump > Carbon & Sediment > 4040 Reverse Osmosis > Deionizer > WFP / Pressure Washer )

Now I am in the market for a WFP, so many options and opinions. My budget is ~$1000 and feel like I have narrowed down my search. I’ve read enough to know not to buy a Simpole, but I still just want to know how people feel.

I have the option to buy an Unger HiFlo CarbonTec (Not a telescopic pole) with 3 brushes for $1000. Trying to research this option has lead me semi-frustrated because there isn’t too much information on these old poles. From what I can guess is that at 40’ it weighs about 15 pounds.

At first I was excited about it but seeing newer options I think the older Unger isn’t the best option.
I came up with a pole that I like and has good reviews & seems like a good deal.

The Gardiner SLX 39FT Pole

I won’t have to be fumbling around trying to add-on poles and the quality seems there. Am I missing something? Why doesn’t WCR sell them? I don’t want to get into politics or anything of that nature, I just want something good for my money. If you have a better suggestion I’d like to hear it or reasons why the SLX may disappoint me, PLEASE inform me.

Thank you for your time!

It obvious you have done your research. The only problem is the last time I checked on getting any parts for that pole it was going to take over a month They are a UK-based company and give preference to the UK not the US. You are going to want a product that you can get fast prompt customer service and parts are readily available I also recommend that you get a modular telescopic pole that way if you get a job that you need more reach you will not have to buy another complete pole.


If you like the feel, look, etc. of the Gardiner pole, you’ll love the Tucker® Carbon Fiber poles. We sold the Gardiner poles for 10 years at RHG Products Co. prior to buying Tucker® last March. After beginning to market our brushes as the best, we were cut off from Gardiner and set out to make a much better product.

During October, if you buy a Tucker® CF pole you’ll receive a free DI system. Would work well in your DIY set up.

You can buy a small size and add to the poles as your company grows.

Check them out here:

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I do like the modular system. I am confused on the sizes. Is the 35 the 39’? If I buy a 25 I would be able to upgrade to a 60?

Edit: I guess the 45 is the 39’.

The size listed on the Tucker® brand of products has always been ‘reach’. Basically its the total length of the pole plus 5 feet.

If you buy the 25’ you can add sections up to around 65’.

what is the bulk of your work, residential, commercial, how high?

Bulk is residential but I want to expand into commercial. I figure being able to reach 40’ is a great starting point. The Tucker seems great and I love the fact that I can expand as my business does.

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We sell the add on extra sections so you can start small and add on later if you choose.
The Tucker is a great choice.

Shop WCR policy is always to list ALL water Fed Poles by actual length. Some places label by working height and add 5 feet to the length. We keep it standard across the board and just label everything by actual length.

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i like being able to use my pole comfortably inside the house and in various awkward/tight situations. the reach it mini has served me well since 2014 and now i have added plus a and b.
the basic mini will do a 2 storey with a walkout basement (3 floors but foundation at ground level).
i made an adapter for a cone to fit for squeegee, tbar or whatever.

Do you have a picture that your willing to share available ?

reach it pole tip, reach it whack (angle) adapter, ettore cone with screwtip, heated and pushed on.
shown also with frankenbrush attached.


Thanks Ken.

the unger pad holder uses a euro thread so i have:
reach it pole tip that stays screwed in to the unger pad holder
tucker brush with side 2 side
constructor with side 2 side
franken tip for any trad tools or frankenbrush

so everything just pops in/out of the pole

your welcome :wink:

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