Water-Fed Poling Black Metal Siding

Do any of you wfpers have any experience washing metal siding? My client asked me for a price for their siding. I think I could just bypass my RODI system for more pressure and use tap water.

If you go with just tap water, you will be left with mineral spots on the black siding.

If it was a lighter color you would likely be able to get away with this, but its likely to show up on black.

I did a red metal roof on a Chik Fil A store with a brush on a pole with soapy water. Rinsed with a hose. I was thinking a WFP would have been good but I don’t have one yet

I once used my wfp to clean a bird poop all along 40’ of a house up to 30’ high, painted yellow…I wish I would have known about soft-washing back then!

If you have a pump on your system, mix a solution and pump it through your wfp.

I have never used a WFP for metal. You can always do a test stop to see how it will clean. It really depends what is on the metal as to what you can reasonably expect. We do quite a bit of PW. My first thought would be to soft wash the metal.