Water filter help?

Hey guys I need some guidance and maybe links to buy or build a inline filter that’s small and carry able from job to job to fill my wash buckets onsite. It would need to hook up too hose bib and filter the water. I think I’m fighting the calcium filled water in my area but dont want to purchase gallons and gallons of distilled water everyday.

What problem is the water creating?

It leaves a film, but the main thing is streaks leave ugly whitish Mark’s on the glass. So I tried distilled water on the same job, and any minor streaks dried unnoticeable. Makes it wayyy easier

That is odd to me as I have never heard of water being so full of minerals that the windows don’t clean well with a mop and squeegee. It sounds like the kind of streaking I get when I’m not careful cleaning windows with plastic frames that are disintegrating.

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Yes that happens also it sucks! But this I think is because of how flippen hot it is here, usual morning temps about 95-105 and past 10am over 110. The water dries fast after squeegee with a ugly film. When I use distilled, it doesnt leave the film. Just try 1 bucket with distilled and see if it changes anything for ya.
Also- I ordered a RV water filter that connects to the garden hose bib. Hope it works

This little filter is made to just hook up to the faucet IPC Eagle Ready Pure Replacement Filter | Pure Water | WCR – WindowCleaner.com