Water marks on windows

Me and my business partner have come across this weird issue where some of the windows we cleaned are weirdly displacing droplets of water when they are wet (both when it rains and when we wet the window with a mop head). The customer (who is very nice) is asking how to fix it and we’ve tried redoing the windows, razoring the affected area, etc. The marks only show up when the window is wet (the windows look perfect in sun) and my business partner thinks it’s from rubbing rubber on dry glass in the sun when I cleaned the windows. Does anyone have any thoughts/suggestions.

Why do they think this?

But why were you using a dry rubber on the glass?

Rubber wont cause this, I would try scrub with bronze or steel wool, TBH I wouldn’t be concerned about it if it dries spotless.

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It is a curious thing…There is a lot of glass that is part hydrophilic and part hydrophobic. I have never seen it show up like that, and I have no idea how glass gets to be part philic and part phobic. Since it only shows up when wet, clean it and move on. You did not cause it, it’s a factory thing.

The squeegee I used was too long for the amount of water. For example, there was 14 inches of water and I used an 18 inch. So there was like 4 inches where the rubber was rubbing on dry glass.

He is wrong, and that’s not a thing. You should have never wasted time trying to fix something that has nothing to do with you.

You’re not doing the s-turn? Is this with a pole?

Perhaps it is left over residue from the “plastic cling sheeting” painters use while prepping for paint or sealant spray? It isn’t a big deal as long as it drys spot free. If you wanted to attack it then try a wet Magic Eraser and scrub like crazy then clean and squeegee.
More work than a window cleaning - there’s a charge for that.

Is the water located outside the glass or between the panes?

Outside the glass. I just read another forum that had a similar problem to this and they said to use steel wool. I’m gonna try that out but open to any other suggestions if you have any.

Another forum suggested steel wool too I’m gonna try this. Thank you

I use side and down strokes.

Stop it!

You are trying to “fix” something the manufacturer did. Be a window cleaner and move on.

You are wasting time and energy and taking responsibility for something you didn’t cause.

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