Water source for storefront work?

Don’t understand this whole thing with asking a customer to use there water to fill up. I do it all the time. Just make sure it’s a place where it’s not a inconvenience for them. I’ve been servicing my customers for over 10 years , so get them comfy with you first . Yes I do bring my own water 15-20 gallons . 2 5 gallon buckets are filled before I leave, an I have 1-2 5 gallon Jerry cans also I fill, but sometimes especially during pollen season I need to fill a bucket once in a while :scream: . Trust me you don’t look unprofessional if you ask to fill your bucket. It’s water something that is needed to clean windows .
Locate your out side spigots for future reference. Most times you can get it on the outside of a building /shopping center

Don’t go walking into the new account on the first day an ask for water that’s all !!! :joy:


I use the RoDi water for indoor application w a microfiber but ive always just used gg4 with a lil ecover and i have great results, i guess the rodi is a lil overkill but i moticed it a lil clearer on spots thats ive happen to miss compared to hard water

Bring a 6 gallon water jug and fill your window cleaning bucket with a few gallons at the job site.
I use the customers spigot for screen washer and WFP, otherwise I bring my own to do traditional.

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I agree with Jared, I’d rather spend $1.78 on two gallons of water for my last bucket when I run out than ask a customer for water.

I like the shape of my blue water jug because it fits under my kitchen sink faucet. I live in an appartment now. I bought it at REI.


It also depends on the customer. I’m gonna feel funny asking Roger’s Barber if I can use his sink. But I have no qualms about using a Wendy’s sink or spigot. But when you’re hooking up to their spigot for pressure washing every week, nabbing a few gallons for WC isn’t a big deal, I guess.

Oh, and I didn’t ask them if I could use the faucet to wash Muriatic acid out of my eye that one day. :crazy_face:


Like Majestic66 Mike, I don’t see the problem with using an outside water source if you’ve run out at a place you service. If you are power washing you may well be using their water. I bring enough to get me through at least part of a long day and know the convenient fill-up places. Never had a problem if it doesn’t entail disturbing the staff of customers.


believe it is always okay to use anybody’s outside spigot. I avoid entering any storefront establishment to use water, not so much that it’s inappropriate but more a Time killer


Big route day today, so 2 5 gallon buckets An 1 Jerry can.
Could I use 2 more jerry cans yup, but what I know is … I have places where I can fill up. “ Always have places whrrr you can fill up “

@anon46335951. What I’ll do , so it’s not a time killer,. during my lunch break I’ll walk in with my sanwhich in my mouth 2 buckets… one in each hand put one under faucet, An continue on with my lunch. :upside_down_face: then continue on being a robot.