Water source for storefront work?

This may be a dumb question but when doing store front work do they provide the water? For example if doing a few stores on a strip mall where do you get your water?

Not typically, and the more you have to ask from a customer the less professional you look. Usually they have on on site spigot locked with a square peg… you need to buy a four way water key from local hardware store.

Or bring some water/pure water in a bucket/ buy distilled water gallons and use as needed.

Never ask a customer for any tool or item. If you need it, bring it, don’t have it? Buy it? Can’t afford it? Buy it. I made a mistake (not illegal) by not carrying cgi insurance for first few years because I couldn’t afford it… stupid idea.

Carry your own water in your bucket,squirt bottle etc. No big deal you don’t need pure water or distilled water for store front work, regular tap water works fine.


Steve you beat me to it. Great advice. I brought along five gallons of water with me every day.

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Same for residential? Provide my own water?

I was mainly residential and did that as well.

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Residential is different they assume you’ll use the spigot for water.

But still make it a habit to bring your own water , sometimes the plumbers have shut the water off and you’ll be scrambling for water and loss so much time . I learned the hard way


I carry a Square Jerry can. Holds 6 gallons. Doesn’t spill or tip over easily. Having my own water on board is more efficient in my opinion.


Yeah, don’t be asking the customer for water. Fill up your bucket at home. Then fill up a jug for replacing your water in case you need to switch out during the day.

You can fill it in your tub, sink, or just fill up your bucket with several of these



So pritty

Ive been doing that way for years. It’s a real time killer , but it’s the money that kills me the most I need to switch to Poland springs


Glad you postes this. That looks so convenient.

I fill up a 6 gallon window cleaning bucket to the 3 gallon line every morning. I would prefer to have another bucket as a spare as opposed to asking to use the customer’s anything. I like the look of that jug posted above. I might change my tone if I get into using a WFP though. Seems like a lot of the systems just hook up to spigots.

I have seen a few guys using pressurized bottles with handheld nozzles on YouTube. Looks like a great idea for a store front that might only be a few windows or, heck. just anywhere you don’t want to carry your bucket. No carrying the bucket to the store front, just your belt of gear.

The biggest benefit of bringing your own water on storefront or any job is saving time.

Many time saving techniques can be key to get you in and out faster bringing down wasted time spent on jobs.

It’s ideal to spend as much time washing as possible.

Eliminate checking in/out, getting water, invoicing/getting paid (at each time of service) possibly monthly, quarterly billing when possible.

Anything that gets you in and out and washing the next job.


Good post.

“Golden nugget”

This being nice stuff is kinda fun.

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Your kinda good at it to.

Being from california, people are pretty anal about wster consumption, definately want to look professional. Go to a fish store and buy two 5 gallon jugs and fill with pure water. I have a fish store for a client and he hooks me up with free water whenever i come in, again this was offered by him

What are you using the pure water for? Just daily washing?