Water Spots on tint

I started a med/large building today. It has the commercial tinted windows. Some of the smaller ones say fabricated glass heat treated on the bottom, the larger windows have no marks. The trouble I am having is on some of the windows I get them clean and if you look directly at them it looks like they have a zillion little water marks. I wet scraped them, scrubed the same spot for 5 min with steel wool, tried GG3 and Unger Pill, even scraped with the finger nail. Nothing took it off, not even a little bit. looking at them from any angle they look awsome, they “feel” smooth and clean. This is my first time on this building so I do not know how long the marks have been there. I can see from the construction debree the windows have never been cleaned correctly.

I would like to have an answer for the maintenance guy when I invoice it. What could cause this? Bad pressure washing? The tint is somehow making bubbles? Does not seem like hard water the steel wool would have removed most of that and there are no bodies of water within 20 miles.

Any ideas that I have not tried to remove it?

Thank you in advance for any responces, I can find 99% of answers by using the search option but this one has me stumped.

Could be that the glass is etched from hard water? Maybe sprinkles?

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Since you’ve used steel wool and a scraper I’m assuming its the glass that’s tinted but no tint film present correct?

The windows are tinted, no film.

It sounds like hard water staining. It doesn’t sounds like the staining is very heavy as you only see it from an angle. Sprinklers can do this or the building facade may be the culprit. If it is brick, stone, or stucco the lime leaching will cause hard water stains. It may be able to be removed with bio-clean or more likely CC550. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Most commercial properties are not that terribly picky about hard water stains. CC550 is expensive, nasty and not recommended on tinted glass for another. It can be done but I would let the PM know their options are limited and you tried the least aggressive methods. We double the pane price when using CC550 on regularly sized windows on residential glass. PM’s generally back off when they start hearing the numbers they have to pay for the glass to be acid washed! If you do end up using CC550 do some reading on it so you use it safely, properly and don’t damage anything.

id put my money on some between the panes condensation build up. You can “feel” most water damage or at least make a dent in it.

I think the building was pressure washed last week was why I guess that being a cause, no sprinklers on the property. 1st and 2nd lv both have the same problem. thank you for the responce.

do you or can you pressure was a house?

I sent you a message on facebook with info, Thank you.
We do pressure and soft washing of homes, window and gutter cleaning.