Water supply ( Garden Hose ) spigot to the purifier?

Water supply ( Garden Hose ) going to the machine- what is the best hose to keep with me to hook to a customers spigot and run to my purifier?

A commercial grade one?I won’t get into brands because it’s a preference just like the systems are.i will say home depot’s “commercial” grade sucks and kinks and breaks easily

Have any recommendation as to which commercial grade? Are the commercial grade heavy? Would it be better to get one of these advertising "expanding " and “light weight” …the only thing I have is what is in my backyard and I figured there was something better for portability ( weight and size )?

Oh your looking for light weight hoses?i personally use Goodyear max lite hoses.i used other ones like swan and Stanley fat max but contractor grade hoses are usually heavier because they are heavy duty and usually flow more due to bigger diameter and can handle higher pressure.i also pressure wash and use the same hoses

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There’s so many brands of hose out there. If your going to keep it on a reel … Flexzilla is a good hose , Herd good things about Stanley.
If your not keeping on the reel look into Zero G Hose.

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Rather fond of Zero-G, just need to watch for kinks.

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Are these purchased thhrough window cleaning suppliers or ?


For about 3 years now I have been using this from Ace Hardware. Target has them too. Works great.
Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 12.11.29 PM

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Flexilla is nice, very flexible and light. And as @dcbrock said the zero g’s are nice too. Have a couple we use for gutter cleaning, very light and easy to work with

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Stanley fat max , Goodyear max lite and swan hoses can be bought at home depot

Thanks for all the replies, I’ll take a look at these.

The best I’ve had, still have, is Flexzilla. Just got Fat Max as additional and it’s also real good

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Has anyone used the ‘Fiberjacket’ hose?

i am familiar with swan, have 3 50’ lengths in the garage, useless for workdue to insane kinking not to mention heavy.