Waterfed cleaning WHAT AM I DOING WRONG!?

Ok guys I recently purchased a WFP. Before this I never had a job that I walked away from not completely confident that I had done a good job.

Since my purchase I obviously want to use my equipment but I’m having issues. My TDS is zero without a doubt but sometimes I still have spots like white streaks.

It’s not necessarily hydrophobic glass and I rinse and rinse and yet the water leaves white streaks sometimes. This last time it was on windows I had cleaned traditionally first but I went back and went over them with my WFP. Could it be just not enough flow? The pressure at the house was a bit low but I feel like I rinsed and rinsed.

I’m getting a little frustrated at this point having spent so much money. Any help would be appreciated. I have searched the forums for an answer to my question and I still do not know the answer.

Are the frames white vinyl?


Sounds like you are getting run off from the frames.

Wash the frame first then move on ten or so windows. Go back and wash the glass without touching the frame. Problem solved.


White or tan though i did have that oxidation problem before this house was
only a year old. Do you think that could be it? I’ve researched this
before too besides trying not to touch the frames how could I prevent that
as well?

it could be that though I do try to do that now. I forgot to mention it was also a rainy day this last time so the drying time was ridiculous.

I have scrubbed the frames until I stop seeing the vinyl oxidation runoff. Maybe an extra minute or so of scrubbing if it’s really bad, but eliminates the need to do it all over again.

I am by no means at all a WFP expert yet.
But one of my biggest issues out here is the chalky powder run off from the vinyl framed windows when washing windows traditionally.

DO exactly as HoosierSqueegee Said
"Wash the frame first then move on ten or so windows. Go back and wash the glass without touching the frame. Problem solved."

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Guys if it was that would I always see it when I am initially scrubbing it?
Or could it be so diluted I don’t see it at first until it dries?

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The best way to remove oxidation is with One Restore. If you spray it on your brush it will increase the time needed to clean the frames.


Both, but mostly as the water evaporates you see it more.

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Do you mean decrease?

One Restore on vinyl frames?

Thanks for all of your replies. I’ll be even more careful of letting the frames dry next time and see if that makes a difference. Hopefully it does.

Absolutely it removes oxidation just make sure you rinse it off immediately
with PW or garden hose

Did that fix your problem? I’ve been ready to throw my beautiful system into the dumpster after several jobs lately. I’ve used it on 4 locations and had to re-do the whole lot by hand afterward! I’m getting the milky runoff and spotting and I’ve rinsed enough to drown a whale.

Sometimes you just have to ladder up because it takes waaay to long to rinse that stuff off.

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:frowning: I’m afraid that will be the case more and more but don’t want to give up on the IPC Eagle just yet. I keep telling myself it is a tool in my kit and try to know when and how better to best use it.

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Each of the 4 locations used each have had the milky runoff?

Were all the frames vinyl?

No, only on two. The other two were user error. I’ve gotten better results on commercial than residential-no vinyl on them. On the two others they were vinyl. I cleaned some windows yesterday, traditionally, and they bled like I’d cut open the udder of a cow! The sun here is Vegas is half the distance it is to the rest of the continental US-except maybe Phoenix.

Read this thread, the tip I give about vinyl frames works good.