Waterfed hose

I am looking for new waterfed hose in 300 foot length that will not kink easy or get twisted up easy when reeling back on hose reel. It also needs to be workable on a hose reel. Anyone have suggestions? I am thinking of Gardner hose that is green in color but have seen that it is not recommended for reel use. Anyone use Gardner hose?

I use the Gardiner yellow hose. Easy to manage and durable.

I think some of the xero hose is supposed to be equivalent, but I’m not sure. Just depends on where you want to shop I suppose.

Gardiner hose in our experience. Also, the old orange 8mm Aquadapter hose was amazing and still in service after 7 years.


Where do you grab supplies in MTL, Window Cleaning Source?

Good question. You’re options are quite limited. There’s a shop on the south shore of mtl but I don’t recommend it. Mark in Toronto is your best bet for everything outside of Gardiner products.

Xero hose is very good.

Just switched to Phoenix Code Red microbore 6mm ID a reinforced braided pvc. Great feel, durable, small diameter and we still can use a splitter and run two poles with it.

Run 3, 300 reels of it.

Thanks everyone!

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Im not in Quebec but im familiar with that shop WCS. You don’t like it?

It’s not that I don’t like it. They have one of the largest selections in the country and a lot of unique wfp system parts. I just had a couple of bad experiences. For example, I live 20 minutes away from them and ordered a $4.00 part so small and light that it could’ve been mailed in a bubble padded envelop. They charged me $25.00 to ship it in a box. I was pretty mad. They pretty much said it’s not their problem and were not going to offer any sort of refund or deal. Wrong answer for keeping high roller customers happy.

If I need something then, yes, I will go there for it but for wfp parts I have other sources that are cheaper and higher in quality.

If your experience with them has been better I’m happy for you. Most of the guys around here go there and swear by them!

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Yeah the best supplier is one who’s reasonable. Mark is always good for that


Check out XERO HOSE. Very high quality and kink free.

We can custom cut a length for you.


Going to grab some this spring

I have 200 ft of this Goodyear hose (https://windowcleaner.com/goodyear-hose)

Then I have rhino hose just long enough for my pole fully extended attached to the end. I like the red hose a lot, no kinks, very durable.