Waterfed pole vs. regular window cleaning method

I haven’t gotten into waterfed pole cleaning yet. Hoping to win that Unger Waterfed pole to get me started! Anyways, I’m assuming that if you took a certain house and cleaned it using traditional window cleaning methods vs. using a waterfed pole, the waterfed pole would save you time? So I guess my question would be, if you are cleaning using a waterfed pole, are you charging the customer quite a bit less since it will take a fraction of the time? Any examples of price differences would be helpful. Thanks.:smiley:

You and me both.

I don’t plan to charge less. I will be paying for the equipment upgrade so I can work more efficiently and safer-- not so I can charge less. If you were a race car driver and you bought a faster race car, would you accept less for a first place prize?


Good Point. I too am hoping to get into the WFP through this give away. My question on this Typical window cleaning vs WFP is when using the WFP is there situation that you ever have to do a pre wash in some way?

Makes sense. I was just curious that if you cleaned a house for a customer and charged them “x” amount using traditional methods, then the next time you are using a waterfed pole and it takes a lot less time, are you still charging the original amount? I understand your point, just curious what customers are thinking.

I’m on vacation so I haven’t bought my setup yet. But it’s my understanding that some first time cleans may require some extra scrubbing or scraping, however that can also be done with a pole or a reach around on the WFP. Now CCU might be a different story. There are plenty of others on here that have a lot of WFP experience so I’m sure they would be more suited to answer that.

I see where your coming from. However I plan to market it as the safer/quicker/greener alternative that cost more for the equipment but well worth the benefits kinda thing. I’ll explain that the customer will benefit from this by not having me working on their house all day or lugging ladders through their garden.

They will understand after I explain it to them. If not-- they can find someone else to do it the old fashion way.

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Sounds good! Thanks for the input.

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Why charge less? You’re providing your customer with the same value – clean windows with exceptional service.

The time savings is kept to work more to pay for the investment.


Don’t reduce your price. Increase your profit. Most of your regular customers will be satisfied with a simple explanation that you are using pure water and this method delivers the same great results in a safer manner. New customers won’t know the difference.

Actually if you have good technique with WFP the results are much better in that there is no soap residue at all on the exterior glass as would be with traditional method using GG4 or dish soap. When utilizing the WFP method the customers exterior glass will stay cleaner longer than with traditional methods. If the customer can get better results for the same money they win and we win too. A win - win situation.


I’ve been using Pure Water and Water-fed Poles for the last 2 years now and I’ve never run into a client who even mentions the fact that I’m getting done with their homes faster. Let alone ask for a cheaper price since we’re in and out quicker. Homeowners usually only care about the end product, and as other people mentioned already their windows are actually going to be cleaner and for a longer period of time when you use Pure Water. This is another reason not to be pricing our work by time but by Value- that is what our service is worth to the client! Pure Water and WFP’s create more value for the many reasons you mentioned and others to be found out; i.e. no ladders in their garden, no concerns about workers falling off ladders and getting hurt, No more putting the ladder in their outside hot tub (one i’ve actually dealt with), the window panes can be cleaned as easily as the glass (in fact it’s necessary to get a good clean window)- but these things create value. And that’s something you can charge more for, NOT LESS!


Perfect answer. There is more value for the client…clean frames, no ladders, etc. Time is not the only consideration when pricing your services.

I still clean the traditional way. When I run my scraper across the glass and hear all that unseen grit come off, I know the windows are getting [I]really[/I] clean. I am assuming there is still a need for scraping with WFPs. I dont see how that bristle can get the grit off like a scraper can.
I like the idea of streakless water and no ladders and all but the “no scraping” thing is
my biggest reservation in spending the money for WFP.

Since we use the Reach Around goose neck we have the option to use the scraper on those really bad windows. Just make sure whatever pole you get has a Reach Around and you can overcome that reservation.

I’m new (this year) using wfp, but working on my pitch to new and old customers. The old customers that realize it isn’t taking as much time - when they point it out and ask if I’m going to charge them a price different than their norm. My answer will include some of what streakless mentions above and let them know I have put some thought into their new price. I really should be charging them a little more, but since they’re VIP customers I’ll keep them at the same price. :slight_smile:

Hey Justin,

Think of it this way when trying to respond to your old clients. They say “you’re getting done faster, so how much less money are we gonna’ have to pay now”. You say “That’s funny, but I’m not cleaning any less windows than before. The costs involved in giving you the cleanest windows we can haven’t gone down for us, but in fact have gone up, since buying and maintaining this equipment costs a lot more than our expenses cleaning with just squeegees. But don’t worry we’re not raising your prices (unless you actually are :wink: hee hee, sometimes it’s time for that). This great new cleaning process actually allows us to work safer while not compromising the quality of work to our customers. We’re sure you’ll love the results.” Something like that should address the fact that you’re not doing any less work, just doing it faster.
When you took your car to a mechanic 20 years ago and they diagnosed what the problem with the car was by trial and error they charged for diagnosis and it took them an hour to figure out the problem. Now, they hook it up to a little computer that tells them what the problem is in 5 seconds and then they charge you 4 times the amount they used to charge for diagnosis, right? i rest my case.

Nice - I like it. Thanks for the reply.

The customers that I used to do trad. and have upgraded to wfp do notice it takes less time and 1/2 the time I get a tip! There is more value to cleaner windows in less time and they love it. Don’t sell yourself short. Faster safer technology = more value and profit.