Waxie liquid squeegee

Has any one tried this stuff and dose it give u a great glide. I have been using gg3 or 4 with a bit of dish soap. And always had great glide but for about the last year the glide is not so good any more not sure why. Not sure if it is to do with soap or the rubbers. Have been using Sorbo rubbers

  1. use the GG4 and some Ecover, the glass looks great after and slides great using Ecover.
  2. ditch those garbage sorbo rubbers and use Ettore (Soren if you have sorbo channels)

Mike Radzik
Pro Window Cleaning
Central Massachusetts

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This is the soap my employer used when I was younger.

We now use a mix of it and GG3.

It provides a shine on the glass I have not seen with other soaps, as for glide I believe so.

I used Waxie Liquid Squeegee on 20ish bank doors last night and I was real happy with it. Very nice glide and lots of bubbles! Only a capful per gallon so seems like a $ saver too.

For long squeegees we have lube strips attached to Sorbo channels 36+30 inch.