Ways to get Pressure washing jobs

Hello everyone, i wanted to add this service to my WC biz. I am curious as to what are some of the tried and true ways you guys use to sale this service.
I am targeting resi for now and then move on to comm later.
Can someone give me a idea for marketing this, and also some of the best chemicals to use for siding (vinyl), and also driveways.

I did a job the other day on vinyl siding, and i used House and siding wash by Simoniz. I got it at walmart. It worked ok, but i still had to scrub the house prior to pressure washing it. I am looking for something i can spray on , and cut my manual labor down, and something that will be somewhat universal if all possible. i know it is alot to ask , but i am hoping there is something out there.


I only use straight water for pressure washing unless there is rust,oil stains,etc.

I only use a honda 9hp 3 gpm

Abel all you need is bleach and simple green… Thats basically all we use. This should cut ALL your manual labor down. No scrubbing needed.

When I am giving an estimate for window cleaning I usually will give them an estimate for a house wash too whether they asked for it or not. I also mention that I can clean their walkways, patios, and driveway too. I never push the pressure washing on them, I just offer it up if they are interested.

My house wash is a mix of 12% bleach, PowerHouse, and water. No scrubbing needed. I get my supplies at http://sunbrite.stores.yahoo.net/ which is local to me but they also ship.

Another great forum to check out is http://www.thegrimescene.com/ All the info you need about pressure washing is on that forum

Oh yeah, don’t forget the X-Jet nozzle unless your dead set on down streaming.

Any online videos on how to properly do this service?

There are plenty of low-end biz’s in every market just walking the streets with a cheap machine and doing half assed jobs.

Well that sounds simple enough. I just need something to do more than me! :smiley:

Also Thanks sethfenster for the references.
And the rest of you for your mixes.