Wc Commercial on you Tube?

I saw this one on Don the window Cleaners site:

//youtu.be/Affordable Window Cleaners - YouTube

As anyone thought about doing this? I guess its pretty easy you then could just have playing on or linked to your website.

If anyone has seen any others on You tube post them up here… I am interested to see what is out there.

It’s an okay idea but I think the commercial was very weak. A small section listing a few features and a phone number, then a guy partially cleaning a window. So what? Where is the reason for me to call them?

Unfortunately youtube’s conversion of video also make the picture look pretty crappy. I’m having a hard time convincing myself that a potential customer would flock to Youtube when looking for a home service provider. This seems more of a fluke find. Maybe someone is thinking about cleaning their own windows and look to youtube for some how-to video. By chance they may stumble upon a video from a company in their local area and decide to hire them.

I’ll probably give it a try but I won’t get over excited about the potential results.

You could put it on YouTube but have it show up in your website. I would also maybe put in some more professional info perhaps, or some nasty before and after photos, and a look down off the roof or ladder so the people could get that vertigo feeling and want to higher you more? Just some quick thoughts. I thought the blurb was too short and not enough reason to go to hire him also.


Found this one to be better, if people like to waste time, watching vids on website, Offer that.


better yet, but needs better uniform and a hat, with logo


Accident Man, made more of an impression on what some home owners might do themselves, you could ask him to actually do a video and modifie one just for us, he might get a kick out of it. LOL


Jessica on a chair outside of a commercial window with non prof tools, how about some of the potential liabilities, just in this quick video, or how long does it take your staff to do a bad job, and what they can actually be doing more profitably for you?

My all time favourite!

Hey here is a thought

What about a Youtube Infomercial!!!

Make an Information commercial on Youtube that explains how to do or fix some thing and sells your add on services at the same time IE: gutter cleaning, power washing, screen cleaning or repairs ect

It doesn’t have to really flash, just ruff out some things and we can discuss them to make improvements

Then you can e-mail it to your customers with with maybe an [B]on-line quote [/B](I saw that on another post)

Oh yeh I got an idea!!! Why don’t we fool around with this as a group and see if we can really make some thing that we could use as an effective marketing tool

Maybe set up a competition on here

What do you think?

Good idea - I see there is a company out there doing this & selling to services mainly in the cleaning field. Perhaps Alex & Chris can custom whip an advert together?