WC Venting about Frustrating Customers/Situations

Hello All,

Would you list the most common/most frustrating situations you have with your new clients/customers.
I am trying to get enough content together to make videos on these topic that can be shared.

I’ll go first…

  1. Customers don’t understand what goes into window cleaning and think that the prices are a little too high. They can’t grasp that billable hours are offset by all the hours marketing, billing, accounting, driving, as well as the myriad insurances, taxes, bond fees, supply costs, equipment costs; not to mention the thousands of hours of professional experience they are paying for. (I understand that these people are C-grade clients and should be dropped ASAP).

  2. Clients that are chatty and won’t let you work.

  3. Clients that leave crap in front of the windows they want cleaned or let pets wander unattended, usually disrupting work or dirtying recently cleaned windows. (Yes, my SOPs have changed to mitigate this).

There are a few examples, what are yours?

Your #1 is also an issue with employees. They see the invoice and compare it to their paycheck and think it’s unfair. Employees have no idea what goes into the business.

#3 is also huge. I’d always put “where accessible” on my quote. I’m not going to move your 180" flat screen to clean the window behind it. I’m also not going to move the 50 very breakable and very antique glass doo dads on the shelves in front of the window (true story).

My number 1 gripe is who really loves english holly so much that it has to be planted in front of every window?


Those customers that nitpick every little item on the window, expecting perfection.

Those customers that tell you how to do YOUR job.

Customers that underestimate you, think that you can’t do the job - I get this semi often since I’m younger but I stopped caring about it and feeling like I have something to prove.

Customers that watch you work. They’re quiet but you know they’re there, lurking behind you lol

Customers that think you broke their blinds - or something similar when you didn’t. Had this one a few days ago, guy thought I broke his blind I told him it was like that. Later spoke to his wife and said it was like that when I was there, she was nice / polite about it and said oh ok I didn’t know it was broken cause we never opened that window :roll_eyes:

Cheap customers / leads. No I am not cleaning your Palladian window for $25 like the last guy.

Customers that want you there to do the work ASAP. Had a few but one in particular called late afternoon on a Friday to have a few windows cleaned and asked if I can get them done that same day.

Overall more frustrated with myself when I get suckered in to something I know I shouldn’t be doing.

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A Few ? This is the business of can you come this week how about next week. Once I’m a month booked out I stop answering the phone. If they leave a message I call back at my convenience.
First question is when are you looking to get this done ? Can you wait ?
One of the things I hate abut this business is they always wait to the last minute and think they have a bat phone , but that’s just the nature of the beast I guess. Thank god not everyone is like this thiugh , but there is enough who think you’re standing by waiting for their call.

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I call it firehouse window cleaning, they think we’re waiting around for their call and going to slide down the pole and hop in the truck for them :smiley:


Yup I remember the Friday afternoon lady. It was a hot and difficult day. I was working my ass off in the heat when some random lady wanted the bare minimum windows cleaned and asked if I can come now. It was close to 5pm :clown_face:

Best part was I had an ice cold beer with the customer I finished work for and we laughed it off :grin:


You know, its funny…

I keep track of the NRAs (Needs Right Away) customers. Usually we’re getting like 10 a week at this time of year, now its more like 1 or two.

I think that the 'labor shortage" paired with every other service / contractor on earth being booked out months (if they show up at all) has trained customers to expect a wait. Try getting a plumber or builder in my area… you’re waiting forever. I legit decided to learn how to do a lot of stuff myself because of this.


Good point ! I think you’re right . Hopefully we have the great seismic shift . That will forever make this the greatest business in the land
Hi I’m looking to get my windows cleaned. It’s ok a month in a half out is what I was expecting. That works fine :hugs:

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It might be a thing where higher quality is implied by how far a company is booked out.

People inherently want things that are scarce. That’s why people pay hundred of dollars for stupid Supreme shirts.


I would think the lowballer is booked out more.

But a potential customer can probably tell on the phone who’s a reputable company vs who’s booked out more based on being a lowballer.

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Couple new ones:

When you agree on an outside only cleaning with screen removal but as you show up to start they start removing the screens and asking for the lower price since they’ll be the ones removing the screens.

When they expect you to wipe the sills but not remove the screens? huh

When the wfp loosens up the dirt in the sills and it drips down to the siding and they start complaining.

All this on todays job and a few more things. I should probably get a CRM now so everyone can digitally sign & accept the scope of work.

Frustrating as f.

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Had a guy call one morning requesting a window cleaner be at his place that day at 2:45 pm , I’m like this isn’t dominos pizza I’m booked out 2 weeks :joy:


it’s fun to let them talk a little about all their deadlines and what they need and then just deadpan finally say, here’s the thing, my soonest availability is (whatever is a million miles out in the schedule) and then listen to them freak out cause you’re not budging lol!


I had a similar one call for same day availability for her 5 windows, then I hit her with the $200 minimum lol


5 windows =

20 minutes to drive there
10 for the client to wake up and answer the door
5 for niceties
15 minutes to set up
15 minutes to actually clean the windows
15 minutes to break down
20 minutes of questions and nitpicking (because a 5 window job always will)
10 minutes to find her checkbook

Almost 2 hours. Some people don’t understand that we run for profit companies. I don’t see a UNICEF sticker on the side of my van.


More like 40 minutes to get there and 40 minutes back since she was in Closter.

Oh man, yeah we don’t go anywhere near that far north and east. Ridgewood is pretty much our cutoff.


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I had one call the other day. Person wanted large ranch house done in/out, with a 30 min drive there each way.

I quoted and the customer replies “That is more than I want to pay”. Alrighty! Have a great day!

  1. Customers most likely will never understand and neither do they need to. You need to understand that that they never will and go about business accordingly.
  2. Clients chattiness should not keep you from working. It may be annoying as all fuck but allowing them to talk while you work is true customer service.
  3. Crap in front of the windows is just part of the job. Ask for its removal but don’t expect it. Also, except for furniture, if I have to move it, I don’t put it back.
  4. Customers and their pets are not the problem.