WCN prepares to stand up to harassment

Gary is gathering the troops to take a stand against unprofessional window cleaners who harass his forum with unfair competition. I suggested he simply set up a filter, but my post hasn’t gone up yet.

This is all Gar-gars doing. He will be his own demise. He started this whole thing months and months ago. He thought we would back down and jump on board with him. But that was not the case. Hes started this big thing thats way out of his control now. He should have just left us alone… like we were doing to him.

Oh well.

I wonder what he would do if the IWCA decided to make WCR the official news release forum for the association? Just a thought.

He could easily set up filters for this, but he likes the attention.

My email wasn’t posted. I got a personal reply from him.

All I can say for what little it’s worth is of the 4 forums that I’ve participated in and followed I like [I][B]WCR[/B][/I] the best. It’s relaxed and professional most of the time, but helpful ALL of the time. [I][B]AUWC[/B][/I] next- it’s intelligent just about all the time, nothing gets too out of hand anymore, but not a whole lot of intriguing threads anymore. I try to stimulate it, but not too successfully. Next is [I][B]World[/B][/I]- very good for techincal, shirt and tie-related info., but too white collar and stuffy for me. I love the FD volleys immensely though. Lastly [I][B]NWCD[/B][/I]- real head-scratcher. After March 13 I might be part of MWCoA - it sounds like a great place.

I’m all for the “live and let live” stance. Especially if you can see the direction your ‘competion’ is heading.

What was his response Dan?
I’ll venture to say that once you are part of the MWCoA it will be your 2nd favorite discussion group!:wink:

Tony, Gary didn’t preface his reply as being confidential, but I’d feel better leaving it that way. Don’t want to get too deep into something I don’t truly understand.

I have searched the WCN about 5 times in the past 8 years I would guess. What happened to the window cleaner of the month? Is it getting that bad over there?:smiley:


Gar changed that a while ago – he wanted it to be deserved, not just automatic/pick someone for the sake of it.

Ironically the posting went down at about the same time.:smiley:

Of greater irony is the fact that Steve Miller was the latest recipient (after a one-year gap in awards) following his string of posts filled with negative comments (against Gar’s rules) about WCR and Chris. What a joke.

I’m amazed. :eek:

Instead of wasting their money on lawyers why doesn’t Gary just make his a private forum and all the people that agree with him all the time can pay dues and stroke each others egos. It is time for him to quit pretending it is a public forum. Gary certainly does not welcome anyone who does not agree with him anyway as he filters or bans them at the drop of a hat. His “rules” only seem to apply to those of differing opinions.

Steve Miller just posted another tirade on World, bad-mouthing WCR. I’m sure Gar sent him a private email discussing the no bad-mouthing rule, and warned him about possible repercussions.

Wait a minute – what am I thinking?!? Gar has been role-modeling the bad-mouthing of WCR and Chris on World for quite some time now.

Can we say EGO!!..Gary and Steve wright both have that problem. I tried to warn others of steve’s junky marketing , Gary blocked it!? Why…I thought that would be the place to get the word out…On here I got the word out and found other people who had other issues.

Also, in a free market society what the people want, they will get. What they don’t want will die off.

I know this is simplistic and idealistic, but I wish all the popular Window Cleaning Forums would do what is best for their readers and participants and not add fuel to the fire. Each has its place.
This one is the superstore, but not the Walmart type. Its got among some medium quality stuff and enormous amount of one of a kind high quality, click and grab stuff.
World, when the players are following its stated rules, is like a cold encyclopedia- real informative, not meant to be fun. So be it.

The age old saying (Galatians 6:7) “You reap what you sow” will apply in this deal as well.