WCR Best Viewing Stats

Everybody uses different Operating systems, browsers, and different screen size displays. When I am building the site I sometimes forget the end user will see things slightly different than me based on there particular configuration. I have listed below the hard #s on what our members are actually using.

[SIZE=4]Screen Monitor display size[/SIZE]

EEK I use what the least amount of us use. 1280 x720

[SIZE=4]Operating System[/SIZE]

I mostly build the site on a windows machine but always test it on a mac, an Iphone and an ipod touch. I have a copy of linux I just haven’t gotten around to installing it. Hopefully soon.


This has the most effect on user experience.

I build exclusivly in firefox

So if your seeing something slightly out of wack, or something just doesn’t look quite right… Let me know and I can probably explain to you how to fix it and maximize your user experience.

very interesting Chris

Eric I remember you saying you use linux… I know you don’t have anything to compare to but do things appear to function normally for you?

Anyone with a web site should take advantage of the tools offered by your server/host. This way you’ll get a good perception of who’s visiting your site and optimize it using the appropriate browsers.

There are also plenty more stats one can view such as country of origin of visitors, what pages/files are most frequently requested, what page/web site reffered the visit.

(following a chain, you can see what search terms went into google, and then your site turns up, then a click though ended on your site, and finally how long the the visitor stayed and what other pages/files were viewed before leaving.)

Excellent stuff!

How did you get this info Chris? Is this part of Stat-counter or another site?

Hey Karl

It is actually Google Analytics. I have it on a couple of sites… Its great the images I showed just scratch the surface of what it does. Oh yeah its free to!

You can get it here:Google Marketing Platform - Unified Advertising and Analytics

Thanks, just signed up.