WCR Company Updates

Hello everyone, happy almost summer! How is your season going? Popping in to give you some updates on the latest happenings at WCR. All of us here at WCR has been BUSY busy busy!

Starting now, place an order and automatically be entered to win a custom-built XERO Pure Revolution package. The system is built on a chrome frame with clear housings and includes a 30’ XERO Destroyer Pole and Upgrade Kit, a $3,635 value! Ends this MONDAY, 5/23!

Read Contest Details Here

  • Have you heard of Sezzle? - When you checkout with this option, your purchase will ship immediately and you’ll pay in 4 equal installments every 2 weeks with NO interest. Super convenient option if you are a bit strapped for cash! Learn More Here!

  • Browse New Tools! - Check out the new tools that just dropped at WCR! This includes the new XERO Pure Pack, Spicy Pete Kit, Sörbo Ledger CTL Swivel and more! Remember, any order over $49 ships fast and free! Browse new tools here!

  • New XERO Micro Basics - Three ALL-NEW colored Micro Basic Poles have just hit the store! Insanely vibrant colors. Introducing Electric Purple, Neon Green, and Caribbean Blue! You’ll also find these new colored poles in Alex’s Revolution Kit. Not ready for waterfed yet? New colors are also offered in the XERO Trad Poles! Learn More!

  • XERO DI System - $200 Off

Have softer water? The XERO DI System is designed for a TDS under 100. Choose between the DI One and DI Two. It is a great choice for the occasional pure water user or for trying out pure water cleaning. The DI One uses just under 1/4 cubic foot of DI resin and the DI Two uses just under 1/2 cubic foot.

Shop our line up of best selling pure water systems. All three units are in stock and shipping daily so you will get it FAST. You’ll also get a $399 XERO pole, FREE with any unit. This deal is almsot done so don’t delay!

This is a real BEAST! The 4060 4-stage RO/DI Cart from Tucker is their commercial workhorse. This premium cart improves on flow, capacity, and filter life in a compact unit for easy transportation. Hits those 3-4 properties with ease. The flow is plenty at 40’ without a pump and you can easily run two poles.

XERO Micros are the best pole for residential. Why? More than 30’ is rarely needed on a residence. Its compact size is comfortable working even on first floor windows. Pull apart design allows you to use as much or as little of the pole as you need. Get a free Universal Extension while supplies last!