WCR Company Updates

Hello Window Cleaning community! We haven’t done an update post in a bit. We’ve been BUSY! Here are some fun things happening at WCR.

  1. BLACK FRIDAY SALE - We have great deals happening all November long!
  2. WCR MYSTERY BOXES - Shop our 2023 WCR Mystery Boxes! Each mystery box is priced at $99, but the contents are valued at $125! Freebies included too.
  3. NEW REDDIT COMMUNITY - Join our newest community on Reddit. We’ll be hosting some giveaways there soon!
  4. NEW X COMMUNITY - We’ll also be hosting giveaways and some fun things on the new X community )formerly Twitter).
  5. WCR XERO WATERFED BRUSHES - High quality and affordable! Give it a try and you won’t look back. Available in Boar’s Hair, Nylon, Hybrid and Reverse Hybrid.
  6. 23 INCH WATERFED BRUSHES - We just relaunched the Pure Water Power lineup of brushes, available in 16, 20 and a whopping 23 inches. The larger ones are great for solar panel cleaning.
  7. OTHER NEW TOOLS - Too many new tools to name! Check out some of our favorites like the XERO Aluminum Rinse Bar, XERO High Flow Hose and the XERO Gutter Gizmo!
  8. NEW BEST SELLING WFP PACKAGE - Check out The Ultimate Residential Kit, everything the residential window cleaner needs in one waterfed package. Discounted and selling like crazy!
  9. OUT OF STOCK ALERTS - You can now sign up for a text alerts on products that are out of stock. When it’s back, we’ll send you a text and you’ll be first to know.
  10. AUTO RENEWAL ON CERTAIN PRODUCTS - You can sign up for auto renewal of certain products (like our XERO Virgin Resin) that come monthly, every 3 months or every 6 months.