WCR Facebook Group

We have a pretty good facebook group going, click here if you would like to be added to it:

The name of it is “professional window cleaners”

Its not a complain deal I hope lol can’t stand reading about people arguing there way is right, and everyone else is wrong. I don’t even look at sites anymore due to that. I understand it hard to police but.

So far I haven’t seen any major flare ups. It feels like an extension of the WCR forum. Some posts here make it over there as well as some dedicated FB posts. All in all a great continuation of wc info. Always a good thing.

Hey, anybody who can help me, I just set up my first facebook page today. It’s for Streakless Windows Inc., not for myself personally. And, since having done that, I’ve tried clicking on two different facebook links, one from an older post in the WCRA and now this one that Chris has posted here. But whenever I click on them, they don’t take me to the pages that are being referenced, it takes me to my business’s Facebook page - which I was fortunate enough to get to custom URL it as [URL=“http://Facebook.com/tucsonwindowcleaning”]Tucson Window Cleaning!
Am I doing something wrong here?