WCR Forum Pet Peeves

When I’m looking for an interesting thread to read it really bugs me when most of the topics don’t give me a clue of what the discussion will be about, like Hey Guys, You Won’t Believe This and so on. How about Problem with WFP or What Squeegee is Best? you get the idea. Anyway that really bugs me. What’s your Pet Peeve?

Irrelevant, mispelled, or confusing Subject lines posted in the incorrect subforum creating future Search difficulties.

Where is the “All of the Above” option?

I guess if I put them in order out would be:
No topic
No signature

I think hijacking gets bad only when people continue the tangent after the first offense. If someone with good sense can bring it back quickly I don’t think it’s too big a problem.
Religion is hard for me to keep quiet about but history proves that what should “yield peacable fruit” usually breeds frustration. So maybe that should have been my vote.

My biggest pet peeve is when someone doesn’t agree or tells me i’m wrong.

No not really - None really come to mind

Wait - Yes, drama would have to be mine. Not because I’m bothered by it, but because I’m drawn to it and it wastes a lot of my time.

Gratuitous posts by those showering brown-nose praise in a desperate attempt for attention or recognition.

Hey Larry, your the Best window cleaner, ever!!! Look at me. Look at me.

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Thanks for bumping this Larry. I wasn’t here when it was around first time.
Interestingly, one pet peeve is also one of the things that makes me read threads. I hate the bickering and attacks that some posters do to others. There are obviously different personalities and levels of expertise on the forum and things get heated. As i said these threads also draw me to read it. Like a wreck on the highway, you can’t help but look at the carnage.

I am here: Google Maps

Amen Phil…You really hit the nail on the head, what a great example about the wreck and carnage ! Your a Man of true insight my Friend…


I bumped this because many folks – new and old members – continue to start threads in unrelated subforums (Residential is very popular.)

This behavior makes searching more difficult, for everyone.

I’m glad you bumped it reminded me to tell you how awesome you are!

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What does “bump” mean?

It means to post again in a thread for the sole purpose bringing it to the top of the threads in the forum – to “bump it up the list of threads” in order to draw attention to it.

Anyone discussing religion…the aliens hear everything hehehe

I have to agree with a few of the points, bickering back and forth being ny number one. I think people become a little less respectful to one another at times because of looking at a screen and not face to face with the other party. We really need to treat each other with the “Golden rule” we were all taught in grammar school, which would fix a lot of this nonsense IMO.

Hey Jerimiah…

Exactly as you said, ERGO your slogan…[I] [SIZE=3][COLOR=#0000ff][B]“See the difference-clearly”[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]
Take care Bud ? Dange

Thanks Dange!

No thank you Jeremiah…


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