WCR Member vehicles and setups

Here is our set up when we have to bring out the “Red Dragon”

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Thanks Chris!
I actually thought about waiting to do the video because the van was a bit dirty at the time (probably doesn’t show up in the video).
I was parked in a parking lot once and had an older gentleman walk up to me and say, “if you can keep that old van looking that good you must be good at cleaning windows.” Turned into a $600 job for me. :slight_smile:

Brad, nice rig. I’m curious about your camera. Seemed really stable while filming. Do you think it was method or camera speed. What type was it?

Definitely not my method! I was just using my android phone (Samsung Exhibit 4g). When I uploaded it to Youtube a message showed up saying it appeared that my video was shaky and asking if I wanted them to fix it. I clicked yes and it was improved dramatically!

Heres my setup, It really helps me get out to those estimates quickly…

Heres my other setup

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I forgot to mention that when I installed the garage shelving system I enclosed the sides and back of the shelves with thin plywood to keep things from sliding off the shelf. Also, if you look closely, you’ll see that the plywood does not go all the way to the ceiling of the van. This way I can slide screens through the back doors of the van and have them rest on top of the shelving unit. At the front of the van the screens are held close to the ceiling with a shower curtain tension rod. I can carry up to 4’ wide by 9’ long screens up and out of the way of the rest of my supplies. The tension rod is only a temporary solution, I plan on setting up a more solid rod or strap when I have time.

My brother had one of those and got his mags stolen, 1100$ a pop

Thanks for the video, Brad. I wish I had a setup that organized. I am using a short bed ford ranger 4x4 for my vehicle so I don’t have near the storage capacity.

I need to build a deck in the back like Olivier. Good idea.


I love the Chevy Express vans. They even make awd versions. The locking ladder racks are sweet, they save so much time.

Thanks for the uploaded photos. I got rid of my Toyota Pickup 22RE with shell and rack because we’re on the coast and it’s very common for items to get wet out here. That or stolen. We just bought a Dodge Van and set it up with some shelving inside. I decided to keep the middle section seats attached, as we are a growing family as well, and we use it for both personal and business at times, though we have an SUV as well. I think it looks nice. It has 2 shelves, each with a 3 tier system which allows a perfect fit for 5 gallon buckets. But I wanted to get some more ideas and decided to head over to WCR. What we offer in our business also is Power/Pressure Washing. I was just curious how other Mini-van users was hauling their Pressure Washers?

Yeah they are great vans. I test drove them and they really are nice vans for services offered. I like how simple you made your setup, and hey it works good, minus a few dollar replacements here and there for bungee chords and tie downs once in a while. You have similar equipment to me. Thought I was looking into my van for a second. I wanted to buy one of these vans but my wife and I decided on the mini-van instead for various reasons. Thanks for sharing. Do you pressure wash? Holler back if you want.

I like to keep it simple.


What fun is that? Lol. Very tidy, clean looking truck. Simple is good :wink:

On a side note, I can’t wait till I have our vehicle setup so it looks good enough to share (hopefully before spring). I believe that we probably have the most unique setup of any window cleaners in the US (very subjective, I know). Its a first gen Scion xB with a tank mount pure water system…

Cedric, check Chri Dorn’s van out on you tube, best I have seen, at least for what I have…

Hey Infinity,

How big of a water tank can you fit in you Scion xB? Im running a Mazada Tribute and Im wondering if I could put a 50 gallon in it.

Really depends on the weight rating of your vehicle. The xB has a rather high rating for its class, over 900 lbs., but that includes passengers and fuel. I went with a 25gal sprayer tank, mostly because anything bigger would take up too much space. If I had some mad fabrication skills, I’d make a fiberglass tank to fit in the rear footwells. That would be the ideal location for capacity and weight distribution.

Edit: just found this- http://www.motortrend.com/cars/2005/mazda/tribute/specifications/exterior.html
Wish it were that easy to find for my vehicle :wink:

Anyhow, with that weight rating, the vehicle should handle 50 gallons (~450lbs including tank & pump), as long as the tank is baffled, secured, and your brakes are in tip-top condition. Fitting the tank, and still having room for any equipment, is another matter!

I’d like to hear how you like this. I’ve been thinking of getting one of these instead of another truck. But I may put it off for another year so I can be selfish with my money this year…