WCR Member vehicles and setups

I ran this idea by Chris and he was all for it. He will make this a sticky once I get the ball rolling. I need your help though.

The idea is to have one thread where people can go to see what other WCR member’s vehicle and trailer set-ups look like. It should mostly be just pics so when people want to browse they don’t have to sift through pages of discussion. Overall and detail shots would both be good. If you have a clever idea that you implemented or something you are proud of, post it here. There is no rig too small. If you have a Honda with a ladder rack I am sure someone out there would like to see how you make it all work.

I am sure that even the veterans can pick up an idea or two by checking out how others roll.

Sorry I can’t contribute yet or I would start it off. I will be starting up in a couple of months and I am hoping to get lots of ideas from this thread.

I am hoping this thread will grow and grow to the point where there are hundreds of pics.



Here’s mine, 2007 f150, I have stacked cox reels in the back. Just bought a 2011 f150, but haven’t wrapped it yet.

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can you show us a pic your truckbed, i’m trying to figure out how to set mine up for pressure washing, now it’s just a big mess, :slight_smile:

The only thing Mounted in the bed is the cox reels. I’ll post a pic when I get a chance

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Why are you so fly?

That’s just how I roll…

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I think I rearrange this thing once a month. Back ground of the first shot is my new astro. I have enough room for two people and 5 sets of wc gear in the dodge grand caravan. I have a seat I put in for the third, but it gets really packed. With this setup, I have just enough room for either pressure washing gear or gutter cleaning kits. I out grew this thing way before I expected to. The astro can carry 5 + gear for everything. Will be adding a truck in the next couple months just for pressure washing…This is how it goes out in the morning…it always seems to come back trashed…I’ll take a picture when it gets back after mondya nd you can see what Im talking about.

ohh…I loaded up the WCR website on the lap top for posterity…kind of heard to tell though.

Thats a sweet setup!

Thanks Larry and Ryan for the cool pics. I also want to put out a thanks in advance to all of those future pic posters. Keep it up.

I am working on my new truck but will be uploading pics to this by summer

Is it another sweet Tacoma?

Tundra limited… Should be awesome when it is done. My Tacoma has set the bar kinda high but you will see the differences and similarities. For the record here is my Taco and I’m gonna miss this truck.


Are you going with the same wrap?

Bro, I am going to miss that truck.

That My f150 08 Quick Clamp ladder rack with a 32ft and a 24ft. I built a deck so I can slide my little giant without tacking everything out every time. I made a hole so my 1/2 cubic di tank dont start rolling every where and I had a 2" pvc pipe in my storage so I used it for ma WFP. I should have used a 3" but the store was closed and I never took the time to change it. Also I am a one man show so far and there is plenty of bears in my area so I work with my shepherd husky cross and she guard my truck when I do the inside.

Plus I can lock the tail gate and the only thing someone could still is some rags and soap.


Nice set-up. Thanks for the pics.

Here is our setup.


Hey DeJay,
I like your wrap almost as much as mine. Yours looks great tho bud. You did a great job and it is what it is supposed to do… be effective.
Enjoy the parade.

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I’ve been meaning to post a video for awhile now on my van. Nothing fancy; but it works for me. Hopefully someone out there will find this useful!


Attention: BRAD BOLT
Great Looking Set-Up. I like that it’s not only organized, but it is clean. Taking the time to regularly clean your equipment & van on the inside will make your stuff last longer and look better for longer. It reflects well on you. Never know when the house-holder will walk over to your van to ask a question. Nothing wrong with a great second impression.

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