Wcr picnic

When will the 1st open house, bbq, party, summer sale, tequila tasting, demo on all the stuff u sell “annual” get 2 gether happen?

There will be a WCR picnic in Iowa on the last Friday and Saturday in July! We’ll even try to squeeze in some education for wcers.:wink:

A WCR Picnic could just be the start of a tradition similar to that one in Manitowattowakomohickville. I’d attend and even bring some BBQ. :slight_smile:

I’ll bring tequila(the dark brown stuff aka anejo) :cool: Just not 2 Iowa. East coast lets go

On March 13th there will be a WCR/MWCoA event near Baltimore, MD. I plan on being there!

Our goal is to give the industry an option. An affordable one at that. We don’t have an attendance fee. I am going to work on a catered BBQ lunch so there may be a cover charge for the lunch but the event and info will be presented for free. It will also be a MWCoA event.

I’ll be there too!

Oh hell yea

That’s only 611 miles and Around 7hrs away. I might be up for that one. :smiley:

Iowa is closer. Maybe you can do two events?:wink:

You are right. I might try to do that. The only problem I see is that it is pretty busy that time of year. But you did say something about BBQ and I love BBQ. :smiley: :smiley:

Whats the deal Tony they only want to have these picnics on the east or west coast. Oh well Chris and Alex come to the midwest. We’ll have more people this year.

Not to worry Paul. Chris and I are working hard to get everything organized for the July event. Still a few things to nail down before anything official is posted but we know the date - the last Friday and Saturday in July! Start planning now.

Oh yea Tony I know. Just wanted to mess the coast people. LOL

Be careful some of em bite.:smiley:

I’m being serious about a WCR Picnic. What better way to both kick Gar in the chops and start a wonderful annual event at the same time. Hell, just to torch his ass a little more, hold it at that same time as the one in Wisc.

I would support this event big time. And it wouldn’t have to be something that Chris & Alex would have to come out of pocket for neither. I guarantee you Gar doesn’t come out of pocket for that picnic of his and never did.

Is that the omaha NEB coming out off you Dwight?LOL. But I’d say it will be must bigger this year.

I’ll definately be swinging down to Tony’s event next year.

BTW - Thanks for the talk earlier Tony!

I’d like to see a 2 dayer this next year Tony. Maybe a round of golf.

Or a round of shots! :cool: