WCR Sickers

When is WCR going to have some stickers for us???

thats what im talking about!!! id slap one on my hooptie in a second.

I love stickers… They are on our future project to do list. I wish I had a firmer date for you. Hopefully soon.

My local surf shop spends $5,000 a month on stickers as their main source of marketing…well almost everyone that surfs goes to them and has a sticker on their car. They’ve put a few other shops out of business because of how much exposure they have.

make some sweet looking ones and I’ll support that!

have you ever heard of Grenade Gloves? Some kids I went to school with started that company and the whole thing was started with stickers. They are now an international brand … pretty amazing.

I just checked out their website, that’s rad…all started with stickers? wow, makes me want to start designing some sweet stickers.:stuck_out_tongue:

Yep all with stickers. then gloves -> then outerwear and goggles -> next most likely boots and boards. The owner of the company got 2 silver medals in the Olympics… that helped a bit with promotion.

just a bit :smiley:

Did Kass go to school with you chris? Hes now based in Mammoth isnt he?

Hey B

I went to school with his older brother Matt… But we all hung around together skating and snowboarding. Danny lives in Mammoth for the winter but they permanently reside in Portland… Thats where there new headquarters is.

Pull the trigger already…


Hey all,

I made a couple of images I thought I would share with you. I’m thinking about having stickers made up. Anyone interested in one?
I’m only making a few sheets at first. I have a nice FISH image as well.


Any Fish Window Cleaning members here?

I love the Windex one! I’d sport that on the van!

Yes there are. It would be nice if we could show respect to each other. Just because there are certain franchises that under cut and have shady practices… doesn’t mean they are all like that. The 1 franchise by me has ridiculously low prices… but it doesn’t mean hes not a good guy trying to squeak out a living like the rest of us.

Fair enough,
I retracted my last sentence. No need to swear at them. Some poor bastard working for “the guys in red shirts” may not know any better.

Did I just get censored? I posted photos and now they are gone.

NOT BY ME… I rarely censor