WCR Window Cleaning Terms / Definitions List for Newbies

Ok, as I browse through the site I find there is a lot to learn. One thing that has taken a decent amount of time is figuring out what you old pro’s mean when you use certain terms.

When I first heard about a WFP I was scratching my head for awhile, actually googled it.
I still don’t know the difference between a huck and a scrim.

Would you guys be interested in defining common terminology or abbreviations and what they mean as a resource for us newbies? And adding to the list? Or pointing me in the direction of another forum post that addresses this? Thanks!

WFP = Water Fed Pole
Huck Towel = ?
Scrim = ?

Huck is a recycled surgical towel, generally blue in color I believe they are cotton. Scrim is a larger towel made from linen or hemp.

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^^Ditto on the hucks and scrim. Though some hucks are green. Some other terms you’ll see:

Resi: abbrev. for Residential
HO: homeowner, a residential customer
DI: deionization, a method of removing dissolved solids from water for pure water cleaning (WFP)
RO: Reverse Osmosis, another method of purifying water. It will remove up to 98% of the dissolved solids, and is very cost effective for purifying hard water. Google or search above for more info.
d2d: a somewhat uncommon abbrev. for “door to door” (sales). Basically knock on doors in an effort to make a sale :slight_smile:
HD: HomeDepot. Not much to say here.

That’s all I can think of for now.

I’ll update my list as time goes on but for now …

Frenchies = French pain windows

Bunkerman, I broke into a thread here a couple of years ago and said who I was and started posting. I’m older then dirt and didn’t know anything about forums or “chat rooms”. These old pros accepted me and shared their knowledge. Learn to use the search button and spend a lot of time reading. It will pay off in the end.
Never give up Bunker, never.

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