WCRA Brochure w/ Edit - JUSTIN'S THE MAN!

Just finished picking out and sent to AT COST PRINTING (Great job Jillian!) my brochure targeting commercial work. JUSTIN edits over at WCR, and he did some first rate work, let me tell you! This is a tri-fold brochure that I will hand out when I’m visiting businesses and contractors.

I also ordered EDDM cards that I will send out to 2676 residences in my neighborhoods that are primarily designed to elicit pressure washing and gutter cleaning jobs, but also for windows:

Best of all, as a WCRA member it only cost me $100 for camera ready art, and 1000 brochures with the special fall discount (ask for the codes before you place that order), and with shipping is only $142.38. The EDDM pieces with discount only cost about ten cents each. SWEET DEAL At Cost Printing! Thanks, WCRA.


Looks solid!

Saw this one at AT COST PRINTING http://store.atcostprinting.com/account/login.html and cancelled the order for 2500 cards of the previous design. Instead, ordered 5K cards of this design:


They came out great, George! Glad we could help!

Just received them today. LOVE 'EM! Looking forward to the EDDM campaign. Thank you for your help!

Wow these are nice. I love the graphic of the house pointing out the different services. I can’t believe how affordable this is. After spending hundreds on marketing, I can’t wait to go through these guys. I’m already a member of WCRA so I’m ready

I’m not sure when the cards will go out. I delivered them on Wednesday to the PO, and sent them to my neighborhood. SO, I’ll know when they are delivered because I’ll get one when they are. Jersey Josh @Jersey told me yesterday that I need to send the same card out to the same people next week to exponentially improve my results. Ordered 5k, sent out just under 2k, so I’ll pick out one more small delivery route for a double, and send out the other 2k to the same folks in a week.