"We speak English"

I do think that you got the answer to your question. It could turn out very good, or very bad.
If you were to do it, I would be very careful on your choice of wording. If your wording is chosen carefully, I think it would probably turn out very good.
Why not do a testing, put something on some of your stuff, and pass it out in a new neighborhood, along with some that does not include anything about speaking english, and compare the results.

… this is a marketing question?


easy answer: what do your current customers think?

1 person does not reflect the opinion of many. Ask them

“We Are All White” is not the greatest unique selling proposition I have heard, unless the prospects care A LOT about it.

I just wanted to add my 2 cents.

I have put alot of thought into this matter,being from southern cali.this is a big issue for us. Heres what I think.

Just cause you speak english doesn’t mean that you are a legal citizen and eligible to legally work in the good ol U S OF A. I have done construction out here for a long time and have met many,and I mean MANY a english speaking illegal aliens. I think if you were to put the “english speaking” line on whatever you are thinking about using it for, it makes you look even more shady.The illegal’s I’ve met that speak english pride themselves on the fact and if it were thier flyer that would more than likely be thier headline.

So my conclusion was to come up with a very American sounding business name and to put my full name(wich happens to be very american sounding) on everything business related.In big bold letters i might add lol.I hope this helps.Rich

Also one last thing…I dont feel there is a need to overstate the obvious.If your runnig a legitimate business in the U.S.,I sure as hell hope you can speak english!

  1. Unless your surname traces its origin to the indigenous peoples of this part of the continent, there are no American-sounding names. Perhaps you meant Anglo-Saxon.

  2. Go to Chinatown, Los Angeles (just one example.) I’d bet that there are many legitimate businesses where no English is spoken.

  3. This forum has spell check – please use it (the yellow highlighted text is the clue.)

1.If it is a legitimate business in the U.S. and they dont speaka no english,you wont catch me in those parts
2.I’m off of work and about cardboard deep into a 30 pack so I could really care less about my spelling(fyi spelling nazis are the worst kind)
3.I wasnt trying to stir the pot,just speaking my mind! Thanks fo yo input mista

What??? Just curious what your "very American Sounding’ name happens to be.

I’m already over it.I’d rather put my efforts into making more money.****'n around on the winder cleaning forums isnt worth my time.Although my name is just about as american as apple pie!Later guys

When you say that something is “as American as apple pie,” what you’re really saying is that the item came to this country from elsewhere and was transformed into a distinctly American experience.
“We may have taken (apple pie) to our hearts, but it is neither our invention nor even indigenous to our country. In fact, the apple pie predates our country’s settlement by hundreds of years,” writes Lee Edwards Benning in “Cook’s Tales.”

see man thats the whole mentality right there. I am an American citizen with a spanish last name. Im not dogging on you at all reball, im from Cali too and I share your frustrations with the illegal immigration thing, but i recently changed my company name, got a new dba, cards, marketing material etc etc… because i was using my last name for my window cleaning company and I felt that I wasnt getting as much business as I should be. Since I changed my name business has picked up a lot more but I still question if I should put my full NON AMERICAN sounding name on my business card. It sucks man, English is the only language I speak fluently so i get lumped in with all the riff raff, riff raff meaning illegal workers. I have to work even harder I feel to show how AMERICAN i really am. Seriously im getting tired of it.

Yet they are still legitimate (speaking to your earlier point.)

Don’t know what that means (drinking? that might explain.)

Ah, it’s all about you, huh?

Too bad you can’t show the forum members enough respect to ensure that your message is clear, concise, and readable.

If you share on a forum, be prepared to have your words considered and debated upon. I, too, was speaking my mind.

I put “English Speaking” on fliers not too long ago, decided I will never do it again for 2 main reasons:

  1. when I looked at my flier later, I realized that “english speaking” sounds like something an illegal mexican would say.
    2)not enough potential customers care to waste word space on that.

I think advertising Legal & Insured/bonded or whatever it is out there, should take care of most your problems. I was following this thread closely a while back because I am English living in an hispanic country, so its nice to hear how you decided to go. I can understand your concerns, I think being up front is the best policy.

From where I am looking at this thread, I see 2 main issues

  1. Racism-Prejudice
  2. The ability and value of a business to be able to communicate effectively with its clients on all levels.

If someone said they were glad I was “white”, I probably would get angry enough that it would show but I certainly would not want it to or stir up anything with the client. I am not sure if ‘offended’ is the word - I just hate prejudice, ignorance, racism, elitism, etc… If I think about the history of this country and Central America long enough I get pretty upset at what these traits are responsible for.

As far as the communication issue, it may be good to advertise your company’s friendly service and its pride in effective communication (or something to that effect). I do think that the ‘other’ company’s decision to not have sociable employees is not a good one. I can also understand some of the frustration of not being able to speak to someone working for you.