"We speak English"

What do you guys think of using this on marketing material?
Personal i am not racist or anything like that. But more and more i have customer thank me for being white, one customer said he was sick and tried of companies sending Spanish speaking workers to his home. He said he couldn’t even communicate with them.

Another woman that is my customer complained how it made her feel uncomfortable.

What do you think bad marketing move or maybe a very smart one?

And yes i have already read the other post on this subject.

Sounds funny to me…in a weird way.

Its not a bad idea. Honestly we get the same kind of comments from our customers. for you marketing material maybe something like our employees are Professional, Uniformed English speaking or something like that. I definateley would not have “English Speaking” as a stand alone statement.

That sounds better

Perhaps [B][I]“fluent” [/I][/B]English?

I dont know just i thought, i dont think i am brave enough to use it. Seems a little to edgy.

Not addressing the ‘racial’ issue but why don’t you just put your picture on the marketing material. What they see is what they get.

Then those customers are racist.

Or more likely, they are just tired of being forced, by the Politically Correct crowd, to turn our country over to all the Illegal immigrants.

So, non-white = illegal?

non white here! not illegal

well, 1/2 white, but still not illegal!

Guys I don’t mind the discussion, please lets just try to keep everything as professional as possible.


Agreed. “Simma Down Na”

I never did say non- white = illegal. What I did say is that alot of people get tired of dealing with the PC Police, and would just rather not deal with it anymore. Does that make them racist, no. Does that make them less honorable people, no. Just people who are tired of being told what they can say or think by the PC police.

I know; I was making a point by using an extreme.

If customers thank someone for being white, they are racist and tired of something.

The opposite of white is not Hispanic (Spanish-speaking was the term above); it is eveything else.

If customers thank someone for being white, it does [U]not [/U]mean they are racist. It could mean they are frustrated trying to communicate with people who are living and working in America, who don’t speak English.

It is irresponsible to make that assumtion based on one statement from people that you have never met.

The comment presented to us was based on race (“white”), not a stated frustration with language. But, you may be right about the basis for the racist comment (of course, you haven’t met them either, and are making excuses for/defending them.)

In my opinion, we are numb to the discrimination around us everyday. It has become status quo.

Perhaps one of your community social organizations would offer their opinion to you regarding the statement “But more and more i have customer thank me for being white

I frequently see, hear, and read “white” people unable to clearly communicate.

And, not all Spanish-speaking people are illegal.

I am a proponent of fairness, not political correctness.

If we go back to the first post that started this thread, it is linking being white & Spanish speaking. The problem being addressed here is communication, not racial.

The initial question had nothing to do with race, it had everything to do with putting ‘English speaking’ of marketing material.

This is great, i think i opened a can of worms here!