We want your work shirts!

[CENTER][SIZE=5]T Shirt Swap


Alex and I want to collect as many Window Cleaning company t shirts as possible. So mail your company t shirt with logo to:

Window Cleaning Resource.com
47 State Rt 94
Vernon NJ 07462

We will mail you back one of ours, either an ACWC or WCR T shirt in exchange. Further details about this are in this weeks WCR Nation.

P.S. New only please. You can request a new Or Used shirt from us though :smiley:

P.S.S. Large is preferable

I’ll wing you some out next week :slight_smile:

what size do you need?

Large would be cool…

Window Cleaning Resource has T shirts??

I got an old Fish shirt from my brother in law! Does that count???

Yeah I guess… You have a cool logo I would rather get one of yours … but whatever will work.


We lost a bid to fish today :frowning:

[COLOR=Black]I’ll swap with you, if Chris or Alex will wear mine on the next WCR nation :D[/COLOR]

I will not give you this shirt.

Don’t you have like four of them?

Give them this one then.

Who would want that? It’s written all backwards and s*it. And it’s tainted by your funk! :slight_smile: get it?:wink:

I think it’s the camera’s fault – I got it on sale at Best Buy. It looked like an unopened box, but maybe it was a factory second.

Tainted Funk – I have their first album!

Lotsa tainted funk at the Claypool show in Petaluma this past Thursday night, including yours truly.

Funky and heavy.

New band: Paulo Baldi on drums, Mark “M.I.R.V.” Haggard on guitar, and Sam Bass (from Deadweight) on electric cello. Gabby La La opened (well; second – there was a local trio called Earstu first) and played on a few songs.

Nice cover of Sabbath’s [I]Electric Funeral[/I] during the 2-hour set.

I hope you and Kate played Luke some Primus when he was womb-bound…

Thanks to Karl! he hooked up a shirt for both Alex and I

2 go out to you today.

Keep em coming…

you dont need to send 2 … 1 will work:)

Hey…Glad you got them, hope the donkey smell wears off after a while. Don’t forget to wear the sombrero when you wear the shirt!

Thanks Seth!!

Yours go out today…

Thanks Chris and Alex.

By the end of the year I am revamping my logo and apparel. I’ll send you some new duds when complete.

right on Seth

mine will be in the mail soon for you too, ive just been crazy busy lately and haven’t found the time!

Chris or Alex, get my shirt yet?

Hey Eric… Not yet man… Any day now egh?