Weather or Not Season 4 Episode 3


Your a trooper Tony!

Cold in the extremities are the only thing that get me down about winter window cleaning. Mostly the hands and fingers. If they’re warm, I can go all day in this weather.

You could be a weather man Tony! That was great - wish we could get those warmer packs here though, I needed them this morning. I know if I ordered some, they would arrive when I was wearing shorts.

Brrr Tony… Its been so cold here lately in the morning… -5 or so the other morning…

We’re getting a warm up on Friday and then back to the freezer. I wish you Canadian guys would keep you weather up there. :slight_smile:

Great job Tony.

Have you ever tried Ice Fishing/Snowmobiling mitts? I find ice fishing mitts are the bomb. They always keep my hands warm and they are far warmer than neoprene.

I however need 100% waterproof warm boots. I bought supposedly waterproof ones befrore but when walking in deep snow it’s not. Any suggestions?

Tony has been banished for his crimes against humanity.

That was uncalled for.
Tony was banned simply because he went to work for a competitor, the same as a few other members who did. It was just business, and he is welcome back when and if he doesn’t represent another company.

Or was he banned for being a white Al Roker?

Just saying


Sorel boots. 100% waterproof and the last forever.

So, how about them Astros?

“weatherman” I take it

I thought that was a radical group from the 60’s

Ya see? Ascerbic, I kinda like it, but not everyone does.

I like vinegar when it’s used correctly.

Or was he banned for being a white Al Roker?

Ann Curry?

Nicely said.

Ann Coulter?

who remembers Bryant Gumbel? the lead anchor back in the day, lol

this thread is way off now, too funny

We could be staring at the boob tube instead.