Weather or Not w/ Mister Squeegee #4 Gloves and boots


[SIZE=5][B]Gloves Available here![/B][/SIZE]


Nice job, Tony.

Sorry to keep sneaking up on you like that. :rolleyes:

Winter = No steel toe for boots if you can help it. You’re right Tony, cold from the plate can transfer to your toes. I’m sure construction guys have a work around.

Alaska gloves come in mitt form and glove form. I use the glove kind but still, dexterity is an issue.

Good job Tony. BTW, sound quality seems to be better on your videos now.

I would like to take my gloves and boot them out the window. I %#$#@^* hate the winter…


I’d like to see a little more suprise next time we sneek up on you though! I feel like we’re bugging you while you’re trying to work. Keep 'em coming!

Well done Tony.
Loved the idea of the logo’d bucket, I had the same idea a month ago while ordering some graphics for my van, but I though that it might be a little too much, but it really looks greats and adds something else to your branding plan.

Steel toes uh ? Is Dr. Phil using Stell toe sandals down in Fl ? :smiley:

A friend of mine does my lettering and he suggested doing the bucket. I’m thinking about the BOAB next!:wink:

There are kevlar “steel-toe” shoes and boots for sale.

In addition, I used to provide (in a past career) kevlar sleeves with elastic-type bands (over the heel) that slipped over the top of a shoe’s and/or boot’s toebox for visitors to use in those areas where steel toe footwear was required. Not practical for productive work, and one ended up sounded like a horse (clip-clop!) walking around on concrete surfaces…


Sounds interesting Larry. Do they have any thermal insulated boots w/ the Kevlar in them?

How the hell should I know – I live in California!

Dude I shot pop thru my nose so hard I may have injured myself! That was hilarious!:smiley:

Tone, would you mind if i did the next weather or not video?

I’d like to show the members here what flips flops and board shorts we prefer on those cold balmy days.

Maybe expose my ONE sweater and the boat shoes (for frosty morns).


Ahhh go jump in a snow bank! :mad:


Don’t confuse him Mark. He’ll be running around all day looking for a frozen water depository.:smiley:

snot just flew out my nose.


if we did a weather or not, I think a lot of people are going to get pis_sed off that we are still wearing shorts and t-shirts with sandals…and I’m still wishing thongs were OK to wear as work attire because it’s so freakin hot

I’m closing this thread down – one WCR Video Central show star is not allowed to post in another WCR Video Central show star’s forum.

Mustaches will roll!


Star? Man I don’t know what to say. Is it time for my close up Mr Deville?:smiley: