Weather or Not w/ Mister Squeegee Episode1

The intro Episode!


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Great job Tony! I am very excited for this series. Its going to be a long cold winter and Tony has a full list of winter window cleaning topics for us. Stay warm everybody.

Very informative Tony!

Can’t wait for next week when you man up and actually clean some windows in this miserable weather. :smiley: j/k my friend!

Great Job,

Very well put together, informative and fluent.

Great job man! I look forward to next episode!

This is a way cool topic. (Laugh or I’ll tell the joke again.) Hey, couple thought from a guy that went winter camping for his honeymoon. Best thing to do about Hypothermia is prevent it. Might be good to do a session on preventing hypothermia: staying hydrated, dressing in layers of the right kind of fabrid, etc.


for what ever reason Tony, I want to give you a hug…you look so warm, like a teddy bear.

Sad to say I’m wearing shorts and t-shirt to work…Uncle Phil is wearing sandels

I hate you guys :smiley:

Great job Tony! This is going to be a great winter!

Thanks for the kind words guys! I’m really looking forward to doing more episodes. We’ve got alot of interesting topics planned for the series.

Great stuff Tony, I think gloves should be one of your first topics!

Great job Tony !
Next time, YOU walk around or jump or something is you don’t want to be the one with hypothermia :slight_smile: j/k

My wife doesn’t even want to go outside with me when is 35F and some breeze lol

I used to work at night (in TX) and it gets cold when you’re playing with water (pressure washing) but it helped me to be more tolerant to cold temps.

Great health & safety advice Tony, keep up the good work and stay safe out there.

Great job Tony. You do well in front of the camara:)
Vary good topic.

nice job Tony…

The camera loves you, Tony!

Great stuff from the midwest Tony! :slight_smile:

Next time maybe you could get the microphone un-froze prior to filming…audio is just a little muffled.

Good job and I look forward to the next one! :slight_smile:

Greta Job Tony!!

I had to laugh when you said ya’ll don’t go out in 20 below.

Check out the pics below, these are my daughter’s. It snowed here last week, my town got 1 inch according to the weather man!!!

Eventually our whole yard was covered, (but you can see how much it took to make one snowman!! :stuck_out_tongue: )

I laughed because we didn’t work that day!! All my guy’s called and said IT’S SNOWING!!! (We get 1 inch about every decade or so), so needless to say, our town shut down and we all played in the snow that day!!

When I told my guys the next day that ya’ll wait until it’s 20 below to stop work, they said they want me to invite you down here in July and august when we have 100% Humidity and it’s 115 heat index :smiley:


I’d gladly accept an invite from you Charlie. We get some nasty heat index weather here in August as well. Not very often that high but close. I was in Nashville a couple years ago for the IWCA convention and it snowed there that week. They shut down the schools and people were in the ditches it was crazy. Did I mention it was about 2 inches of snow?:smiley:

I took peoples advice on here and found that ‘Car Windscreen washer fluid’ works perfectly in these icy conditions, Hardly any smears left. I am a bit concerned about the rubber seals in the windows though.

The seals will be fine. It does nothing to windshield seals after years of year round use so the few times you use it on windows won’t effect the seals. It’s not that aggressive.