Weather or not with Mr Squeegee #3 Layers


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very informative…again, thank you GOD I live in Florida. Chrismas is in 3 days and I’m sweating in a t-shirt and shorts

Nice job, Tony!

Yo Tony, when are we going to see you actually clean windows in the COLD???

Ahhh yes, winter fashion.

I’ve been sporting the flannel lined cargo pants + Long Johns for the last few days shoveling plenty of snow for some of my senior clients…

Haven’t cleaned a single pane of glass tho since last Wed. Geeeeesh this weather + slow business. :mad:

Good job there Mr. Squeegee. What’s the next topic? Wait, don’t tell me, I like having something to look forward to.

Alot of cleaning in this area is being prepared to clean. So many topics so little time. I promise I will get to it.

Perhaps you could film your next video at the entrance to a bank Tony. That would be great!

It didn’t get out of the 30’s all day here in Upstate, SC. I don’t like the cold weather.

very cool, i loved the video btw

I love being here in AZ, but out of curiosity, do a lot of window cleaners get the opportunity to shovel snow steadily in the winter months to keep them busy? If that’s the case, I bet layering is REALLY important because I would imagine that you would get quite sweaty shoveling snow.

For me most of my clients are 1/2 hour away so it’s not real feasible to do any snow removal for them. Not to mention most of them already have a snow removal company. And yes layering is critical.