Weather or not with Mr Squeegee #7


[SIZE=5][B]BOAB Available Here![/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE=5][B]Gloves Available Here![/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE=5][B]Extension Poles Available Here![/B][/SIZE]


Your washer sounds like it’s frozen! I have to give you(and your camera crew) props for standing outside and recording that. I think I would have sat in the van. Good job! Those hand warmers are awesome.

Ahhhh.Mr. Squeegeee. Watching you there in that miserable weather doing your schpeel(sp). Good advice for dealing with that damn cold. Sure wished I gad glove warmers today.

Again, good information. Interesting point about the temp of the water. I hadn’t thought about that issue at all.
I may have missed the info, but what kind of gloves do you wear?

Best yet Tony - you inspired me for the blog!

Thanks for the kind words guys. We had been wanting to do a show in the snow.
Mr Riley - I use Serius winter gloves I got from a sporting goods store.

That’s only fitting since your blog inspires me!:wink:

Your weather looks identical to ours here – except our flurries were 70° rays of sunshine. :smiley:

Hey Tony,

Do you do residential window cleaning in the winter? and if so how often do you clean residential windows in the winter?

double post, sorry

ha ha

Besides one storefront job I do for a friend I’m strictly residential. I have about 20 house I do once a month on the outside and a couple others I do every other month or quarterly.

Et Tu Larry, Et Tu??

Showing off again with the Latin, huh Tony?

EsYay ArrLay!:slight_smile:

Hey Mr Squeegee. I like your video, you speak from a high level of experience and knowledge.

I would just like to say, as you mentioned, it’s not a good idea not to use gloves or mitts in the winter. Even if one can put up with the cold, I found whenever I did it, my hands dried up like crazy, and the dry skin on my hand was horrible.

Secondly, I would recomend ice fishing mitts, like this one, this is similar to what I use. I’m always warm with this except for the very very coldest days of the years.

Thirdly, buy good warm boots. I used to stop working because my feet became to cold and numb in cheap non insulated boots.

I dress so that I don’t feel cold most of the time, and I don’t need to use toe and hand warmers, but to each his own eh.