Webinar Tomorrow- Adding Roof Cleaning to Your Business with THad Eckhoff

[FONT=tahoma]Join us Tomorrow January 25, 2011 at 8:00 PM EST Thad Eckhoff will be our presenter for a completely FREE Webinar. Thad will be talking about adding roof cleaning to your business. He will share with you useful and practical tips for seeing if roof cleaning would be a good addition to your business! Thad will also be answering questions so come ready.

The first 100 people to sign up are all that get in on this webinar so hurry up and register.

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If there is anything in particular that you want to see covered or questions that you have please post them here tonight so I can incorporate them into the presentation.

why can you not soft wash a roof? Cant you downstream straight bleach?

What will happen if you soft wash a roof?

Is there a different method used for cleaning tile roofs? clay and concrete…

What would be a good roof cleaning setup? brand names?

how do you price roof cleaning?

Is there any damage i could do to the roof?

Thanks Thad!

Great questions.
Keep 'em coming!

Whats the best 12 volt system or air compressor?

Can you use an x-jet to dispense chemicals on to the roof?
What is the best chemical mixture to clean asphalt shingles?

Can you discuss how adding the accumulator from Bob can give you the freedom of using a variety of tips and less run off with a 12 volt system that one would have with air. FAT BOYS ROCK

Only 5 spots left … 95 folks signed up…

Click that register button… Its not to late.

Hey Thad, would you mind re-answering my questions
I missed the first 10 minutes of the webinar
i cant believe it

Thad, thanks for your time and patience in answering all the questions this evening. I definitely learned a lot more about roof washing and whats needed to consider moving forward. Thanks to Kate and WCR for putting the webinar together. Great job as always.

Go Steelers!!!

Please please please tell me there is a way I can watch this webinar. I have been planing this and looking forward to it…unfortunately i read the 9 eastern part so I got on at 7:58 central… I thought it STARTED at 8 central…big oops. I really hope that there is a way to see it…please let me know.

Great job Thad.You are the man.Looking forward to NOLA. That weekend alone will probably make us thousands in the future. Thanks for your work to better the industry.

What is the shelf life on 55 gallon drum of Sodium Hypochlorite? Does the shelf life change when it is mixed?

OH, I’m stoked.
Don Phelps (The Roof Cleaning GURU) who got me started cleaning roofs is coming back to New Orleans and AC Lockyer, the guy who started Mallard Roof Cleaning and had 40 trucks running when he sold the business are going to be there for the first time.

It’s gonna be epic!

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