Website company? Ambidextrous Services? have any of you had any dealings with them?

Oh boy, here we go.

Omg. What is it? Im waiting on a website from them.

You might be waiting awhile. Anya does good work, and in my experience is a nice person to work with, but she’s got a tendency of over-booking projects.

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Have her build your website , but don’t use her for SEO !
Make sure you put it up here , an get advise from some people who know what therr talking about , [nit staying she doesn’t know ] an then make the appropriate changes before you make your final payment.
JMO !!


Awesome.Thanks for the feedback.She was super cool on the phone and very kind. Just was getting a little worried .Its hard not being able to meet people in person sometimes.:sunglasses:

I would personally steer clear of this company.

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Thanks. I really appreciate the feedback. You have been extremely helpful to me. I always do appreciate your time and effortsm man :sunglasses: Your helping me get :weight_lifting_man:‍♂ in Sacramento. :heart: