Website pic copycats

Hey Doug (starbrite) check this link and tell me if something looks familiar bro… ClearView Residential Window Cleaners
My bad, looks like just your avatar…

I think Doug’s website is part of the package he bought from Steve Wright. Or am I wrong again Doug?:smiley:

You would be correct Tony.

And others bought the same package (kinda like instant business.)

You’re using Customer Factor right? What are some of the pros and cons to it? Whats the start up cost for the soft ware?

Hey Josh,

I got The Customer Factor in play down here. Lovin it!!! After the set up price i think its 29/month. Well worth it. I can access my customers info from my phone on the go amongst many other features I find useful.

Yeah I saw the promo video. Looks pretty sharp. It’s costly for the set up right. Like a $1000 bucks? I’m just a one man operation right now, I’m not sure if I really need it.

there is no cons about it, it is the best software on the market, I back up that software, So i am putting my name on it.

I do not know what the start up cost is, I have been using the software for like 3 years now.

Contact Steve Wright, Owner of factor and find out.

The customer factor has a startup cost?

Window Cleaning Software|Software For Your Window Cleaning Business

[I]So right now, The Customer Factor is priced at a low, low $24.95 a month!

(Or Save 10% Quarterly)

No set up fees…

No hidden costs…

No short term contracts…

No long term contracts…

And you can cancel at anytime…


I just signed up last week. It’s great. No start up costs at all, just the monthly.

Thats great. I’ll to check out again. Its for record keeping and scheduling right?
Do you think a one man operation would benefit from it?

You’ll read (Search) that many one-man operations (Doug!) are very pleased with CF.

It’s for record keeping, sure, but it is much more.

I really like that it gives me alerts for when I need to call to schedule clients for their next cleaning. I just put into each custoner profile how often the customer wants me back and then when the time comes, alerts keep me on track.

You can print out invoices, customize profile forms, keep track of prospects, etc.

I also like that the software is internet based. It can’t be lost because of my computer crashing or a fire. You can access it from any computer. They back up your info daily themselves and you can back it up yourself.

I was surprised how quickly customer info can become unorganized. I figure the 30 bucks I pay a month is more than made back by the ability in gives me to take advantage of the customer info I already have.

I should be getting paid for this plugging I am doing…

Anyways, organization is so profitable.

I’ve been on the fence for a long time about the customer factor…

Just cant pull the trigger, not cause the money, but just uploading all my customers yet again from one program to another…

It says it has a feature to make importing customer info easier.

I know what you mean. It has to be compatible with quickbooks for sure. Quickbooks is great, if your an accountant. I want a program for a window cleaner in mind Im interested in the in it. I think I’ll do the 30day trail. As Acclaim said “how quickly customer info can become unorganized” thats one of my problems.

It is Quickbooks compatible.

yes it is…

if you are using quickbooks, you can upload them into the