Website Pricing Question and Possibly Feedback

Hey everyone, new member here with a few questions.
To start, I’m currently finishing up the final touches to my website and will begin canvassing next week or so. My question is should I have any sort of pricing information on my website? I have thought about it, and I almost would prefer not to because a job can vary so much. I have been told once that I should have pricing on my website, but I’m not completely sold on that idea so I’d like to get some more established owners’ opinions on that.
Along with that if anyone would be willing to go over my website and give me some advice, tips, or changes I should consider I would greatly appreciate it!

My website is

Hello and welcome to the forum!

Website: seek brevity, look for ways to eliminate words. Example: change “a variety of” to “many”.

Use bullet comments for brevity.

Prices: I don’t recommend posting them as there are so many variables.

Add reviews from customers. Add pictures of owners and staff in company shirts/uniforms on the job.

Edit: I like the name of your business. It has good alliteration and seems easy to say when answering the phone and easy to remember. You have a good logo too.

Thanks for the feedback.
That clears up my pricing concern. I would much rather give a quote over the phone or in person than them see a price online and it end up being underpriced.
Once i begin getting jobs I’ll be taking photos of jobs and myself cleaning and short videos to ad to the website - same goes for reviews.

I felt as though I could summarize what I have currently so it’s shorter and more to the point, I’ll work on that.


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I am not sure either, but a good friend of mine who operates in my neighboring town uses this method. I do not, but his site might be a good example if you ever decide to go down that route.

Here is the link:

C Thru Window Cleaning Pricing

Sure! First off, I like the name of your business and the logo. It is unique and professional looking. Your website has a nice simple layout.

My only criticism is this: (and this is just my personal opinion!)

Delete this section from your FAQ

"Does Magnolia Window Cleaning Offer A Satisfaction Guarantee?

We do! Magnolia Window Cleaning is the only window cleaning business in Lafayette, Louisiana that offers 100% money back guarantee for up to $3000 if you aren’t satisfied with your service."

Please do not run your site or your business with this! You will be taken advantage of. Can you imagine someone hiring you for a $3,000 job, knowing that they can just complain and get their money back??? Fast way to be out of business.

I suggest an alternative if you want to have a satisfaction guarantee of some sort:

"Does Magnolia Window Cleaning Offer A Satisfaction Guarantee?

We do! Magnolia Window Cleaning is committed to your happiness. If there is anything that you are not satisfied with, we will return to make sure your windows are perfect. At NO CHARGE!"

Or something like that. I think it is better to broadcast that you stand by your work, and will fix any mistakes. But don’t open yourself up to the level of risk that comes from money back guarantees. IMO

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May want to considering axing the “high end residential” other wise you may turn off many potential customers in other tiers. I used to think I just wanted to do high end, but more often than not, jobs in the lower end of the spectrum are easier and usually pay a higher per hour rate.


Good point. Of course I would like to aim at high end, but I know I will have to start out somewhere. Didn’t think about the possibility of detering other potential clients. Appreciate the feedback!

Thanks for pointing that out! I have deleted the guarantee from the front page however if you didn’t mention it there’s no telling when I would have remembered about entering that in the FAQ section.
Thank you for the positive feedback on my name and logo. Magnolia is Louisiana’s state flower and is highly recognized. In order for me to cater to the “loca” market I wanted to use a relevant symbol in my name. It was between magnolia or cajun and the latter seemed to not have as much of a professional taste to them in regards to higher end clients in my opinion.

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There is a picture of a Karcher Window Vacuum on your Residential Window Cleaning page.

This offends me deeply. :wink:

this last year i have been specifically targeting larger homes. And the thing that I found the last couple months is that I keep getting these big houses that take 2/3 of a day and then I don’t have as many smaller jobs to fill in that last third.

…and usually one or two days a week we like to quit early because my right hand man likes to golf and I go wake surfing, so it’s nice to bang out two or three small houses by lunch time.

I apologize :slight_smile: It’s just a place holder until I’m able to get out there and create my own photos for the website :wink:

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