Website Problem?

1-2-3 Check - Check…

Is anyone having a problem once they get to my website. I use to see who, from where, where they go on my site and for how long. I have noticed many of the hits I get are not staying for any length of time (0 seconds). Do you all mind checking it out and let me know what happens. I can get to it just fine with no problem. I was wondering if it has something to do with a certain version of IE maybe.

In firefox all your links are dead. Except your email add.

To be more precise, what should be links ‘Home - Services - Specials - Contact - Links’ are just plain text. No wonder people leave soon after arriving to your site. There’s nowhere to go once you get there.

If this site is under construction, you might want to point that out to the viewer. Also, many hits to your site may just be search engine spiders/bots.

It all looked good and came up quickly and I am staying in a hotel right now. Public access is fine.

Internet explorer browser.


No issues for me viewing and navigating separate page links. I have been on the site for over two minutes at this point.

I use AT&T Yahoo! browser.

Everything working for me…using IE8.

I have Firefox and everything is working fine. You should put the Window Cleaning Resource on your link page.

I do. It’s a text link not a logo link. I’ll update that as soon as I figure out whats not right. Thanks for the help. Keep it coming. If things didn’t work before let me know if it’s working for you now.

Ooops! How rude of me. Welcome Sandra. If there is anything you want to know about window cleaning you have definately come to one of the places where you can learn alot while sharing your knowledge. Enjoy!

All’s working well on google chrome :wink:

Okay. Mac version of Firefox I don’t get any navigation.

Mac Safari browser I get navigation but the background of your pages look horrible; all blue.

I’ll try to post a couple of pics.

First pic is Firefox. As I say, there appears to be no links except for your e-mail.

Second pic is in Safari Browser. I’ll let the image speak for itself.

Better make sure you web site works in all browsers, on all platforms.

Using IE6.

1st go here.

I would really fix those errors.

2nd when I navigate your links, your page does not center. IE Home page centered, services page not centered. All the links take me to a left justified table.

Are you sure the traffic you are getting is from REAL visitors and not a spider? Some sites that offer stats can not tell you one from the other. But is pretty good and I dont think that would be the issue. But what could be happening is a problem in their code. It reads the hit but nothing else. Who knows. I would say switch to google analytics, it provides all the same info but does not provide IP tracking. Which you really don’t need unless you really really want to get anal on who is coming to your site. IP tracking can be a waste as some people use proxies or block their info all together.

I have a new and hopefully improved website and using a different webhosting company. Let me know what you think and if there are any problems navigating? Thanks!

I just tried it out in Opera, Safari, Firefox, chrome, and Explorer.

Everything appeared to be working very well. It looks much better, nice job.

Nice job. Very clean design.

Something to consider adjusting:

I noticed that you have this line on your homepage:

[INDENT][I]“We will beat any competitors [B]reasonable [/B]price by 5% on identical service and without sacrificing our high quality service.”

That sounds a bit shady, kind of like saying “We’ll beat any competitors price as long as we feel like it”[/I][/INDENT]

I’d take it right out, but if you really really want it left in, I’d recommend adding some specific caveats.

I’m on IE and everything looks good and works fine. Could be some of the 0 second hits are search engine spiders, so that’s a good thing.

Marketing Geek

Thanks all for the feedback!

Kevin, you have any suggestions on the best way to word it. I would like to leave it and give it a trial run but at the same time want it to sound right? And who else to get that from than the master who wrote the book. Thanks!

That’s hilarious…

I think I might use that for my next campaign.

Thx Sean!

Hmmm…how about something like this:

[INDENT]“We’ll beat any competitor!
[SIZE=“1”](Heading, under which is the following paragraph…)[/SIZE]

"We’re not out to run any kind of crazy ‘We’ll beat any price’ promotion or anything like that, because, as a Texas homeowner, you deserve something far more valuable! We will beat any of our local window & gutter cleaning competitors in bringing you the best total satisfaction experience - if you don’t love how bright and inviting your home feels once we’re done with it, AND if you don’t love the way you’ve been treated by our staff from your first phone call to the last window we clean, you simply won’t have to pay, period.

Pick up the phone, and dial 214-536-4081 right now, and you’ll see why more and more of your neighbors are switching to ‘WOW’ to keep their homes feeling and looking great!"[/INDENT]

Just typing as I think here, but something like that would be better.