Website Review

Happy Friday everyone,

If you get a chance, take a look at my new site and let me know your thoughts. I feel like I’ve stared at it for so long that I can no longer see straight and a fresh set of eyes would do me good. (I also own which redirects but may end up making that the primary domain)


Great Job. Looks stunning… Is this Wix?

Looks very good to me!
I found it very self explanatory, and easy to navigate. The thorough galleries of job pics build confidence that you know your stuff.
Just from a quick buzz through, I notice you don’t have staff pics, to see uniforms etc. (unless I missed it) Just my 2 cents, but I find it comforting to see uniforms beforehand so when people show up at the door, you know what they are there for. Brand recognition and touch point.

Even without that though, beautifully done.:+1:t3:

Yea, pretty simple if you’ve never used it before. Definitely has its little quirks and bugs when designing but all-in-all I was pleased with the user friendliness as someone who isn’t a full on computer whiz

Thanks. I need to get some photos of the truck equipment once I get new letting done and will also try to get some staff/uniform photos as well. Thanks for the advice

Looks “Dope”! I might need to consider WIX.

Yea, give it a shot if you’re looking to design one yourself. I’ve used a designer in the past but felt that to get exactly what I wanted and be able to easily update any time I want I’d just do it myself. Took a lot of time to tweak and get it to where it is but I’m happy with how it turned out.

generally the site looks nice but…
where is your pricing? you’re not seriously going to make people call or email and for a response are you?

Three reasons I don’t post pricing because A. I simply don’t like disclosing that information on-line, it’s nobody’s business but me and my customers B. There are so many variables involved in pricing windows, it can make it complicated to post a price per pane C. If the customer doesn’t want to take the time for an estimate because I don’t have pricing posted, then they are probably price shopping and I simply don’t cater to those kinds. One reason I could see to post pricing, if you have a ton of competition and they are doing it also.

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actually price shopping works the complete opposite way. bargain hunters hunters see your price and leave. anyone that calls has seen your prices and is interested. also many nowadays want to get things done quickly and hate waiting for return calls and emails. it’s your boat whatever floats it.
when i started we hit the same neighbourhood with flyers over and over, always with some price examples. after awhile the calls shifted from how much to when can you come, i rarely was asked about price.

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Really nice work! Looks tight and clean. My only suggestion would be ( in the future ) migrate the look of it to a WordPress Site. It will end up ranking better.

Good Job with it!

While pricing can be a filter, it has worked for us to have customers inquire about services and then provide ballpark pricing over the phone or an on site quote. This gives us an opportunity to sell them on our “experience” and the value we provide. To each his own though!

Thanks @Chris. I’m working on the site’s SEO now to increase our ranking but may very well switch to Wordpress in the future if we can’t get it ranked high enough. That’ll be a good offseason project next year!

Looks good man!

This is a now project. Like Chris is saying your ranking will not compete. The difference is substantial and word press is just as easy as Wix. Trust me I took His advise after wasting tons of time with Wix. This is a hill to climb, most definitely. learning is a time investment that will be worth it. The look and ideas are greatly presented as you have it … just a matter of efficiency with wix