Just have to say that whilst nosing around lots of websites here, one thing that I think only one person did, struck me as agreat idea. Tony, I think, is the only person to have a video introduction of himself and his company. I thought this was a great idea. Putting the company immediately into a personal light, there is a connection with a real person rather than just pictures and info. I would advise it to everyone who is constructing or has already constructed a website.:slight_smile:

Thanks Simon but I got the idea from Mark Strange of Tool Talk.
I do need to update the video though. Google likes fresh content.

lol! Thats typical…haven’t checked out Mark’s website…dont know why, I really like his tool talk videos… Perhaps you could update with some window cleaning action as well as a personal introduction?

Micah Kommers has one too. Blog

Checked it out. Like it Tony. I’ve been thinking about putting something like that on my website. Not like this annoying one from Mr Window Cleaner.

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I usually exit out of websites that make noise when you log on.