Weird lack of calls

I usually get a ton of calls a couple weeks before Thanksgiving (AKA Hell Week) but we had a bad cold snap and the calls never materialized. Weird, but ok that’s why we save our money like squirrels. It typically picks up again in December but for the first time in decades we got zero calls.

Sure the weather was brutal for this area and maybe customers are worried about the possible recession, but has anyone else seen an abrupt drop like this?

September and October were dead for us, but I think that had more to do with water restrictions here in NJ and the ever looming threat of nuclear annihilation from Pu Tang Clan.

November was great.

December was December. Busy at first, but quickly died. Odd note… we had a lot of people calling to book for the spring in December, which is kind of weird.

January is record breaking so far. People calling early. I think that since the 'Rona and the “labor shortage”, people are trained to know that they are going to have to wait months to get any sort of contractor to actually do work. This might actually be working to our favor.

Also, we have had our marketing turned off since the first week of November, so its all just WOM, returning customers and SEO.

Was it literally zero calls the whole month? I would worry something happened to my phone service.

That’s a bit surprising to read, I’m sorry bro.

What area of the country?

I’m in Louisville. The only contacts I got were those scam texts from someone ‘out of state’ wanting their properties pressure washed.

I literally had RingCentral turn off all texting to our office lines yesterday.

Between July, 2020 and yesterday we had…

9 returning customers text us
2 new customers that never went anywhere
Close to 1000 offers for financing, SEO and fake leads.

Not worth it to me anymore.

We’re usually slow in August, then start to pick up after Labor Day . This past year Sept and October were Erie slow , I was a little worried because of the economy. Then November came it was its usual , we call it November Madness lol
Oddly January is a little busier than previous years

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Sept, Oct were decently busy, some of the highest paying jobs I’ve had so far

November, December were on the slower side, more so November.


Slower since just after x-mas than the past 2 years but that puts it back to the ‘normal’ of the previous 5years. March, April and May are 2/3 booked already which is unusual.