Weird stains on windows

Hey everyone hope you guys are having a great day. I tried using a scraper and steel wool (0000) but no luck. Any idea as to what this may be?

When you run your hand on the glass is it smooth or gritty?

It ain’t coming off man. Only way is remove a layer of glass IMO.
You can feel it kinda dimples where the shadows are right?

Looks like hard water deposits on a reflective coating. Try cerium oxide. @HenryGrover would know what the problem is.

Did the wool or blade scratch the glass?

@GlossyWindows any updates on this?

it’s gritty. Heard someone said use a polisher but I don’t want to damage the window. still no idea what it could be

Is there a stone wall near the windows?
Some times they spray some kind off coating on the stone to prevent it sucking up water/rain.
I have seen this spray on glas with more or less similar results…

Where you hired to clean them , or restore them ? Two separate things, if you where hired to clean them just tell them thrrr stains an you need a restoration specialist.
It could be the seals are shot an condensation got between the panes, Which will require replacement.
Either way make sure you set the expectation level before you begin.

thanks for that. I tell people that I offer a professional bvasic cleaning service that does not include hard water stains, adhesive removal, or sticker removal. I Charge extra depending on their extra requests.