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The old system you used to be able to see where people were from. With the new set up it doesn’t look like you can view that in profiles. Something that can be added?

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how is this system as far as seo backlinks compared to the last one when we had signutures with websites in them?

Hi Dave

I’ve shut that all down. No signatures or links.

is it safe to say that we can use the WCRA & PWRA logos on business shirts and business cards? I would really like to know how accurate this is

As long as you an active WCRA/PWRA member, that’s fine. I just checked and your membership is active. Let me know if you have any more questions!

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What is the average wind speed velocity of an unladen swallow?


An African or European swallow?


I don’t know that!

(insert “guys/gals” in the meme cuz I’m too lazy to edit it)

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.095 arcminutes

None of these work anymore. They are pinned at the top and are not helping anyone. Anyway we can update?

All links are fixed! Thanks for letting us know!

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Thank you so very much Jessica! I figured you guys don’t have time to go searching for all these issues and that is what we are here for!


Got it :+1:

I see templates for everything but pwra and wcra logo templates

I just emailed them to you, sorry for the confusion!

Thank you

Thanks guys this is really helpful!!

Sorry if this is a silly question, but is this the private forum or the public forum? How would I distinguish which forum I am in?
Thanks in advance.