Wendy's restaurant

Brand-new Wendy’s restaurant just built about to open soon left a card on door.
Great account for my WFP !

At first glance what would you charge to do these windows for inside and out?

How many panes did you count? Looked like 47 from the pictures. I have two of these coming online by December, but I’ve only seen pictures.

Wow, I’ve never seen a Wendy’s quite like that. I’d be thinking $120 give or take.
I just picked up my first Wendy’s the other day. Starting it Monday.

Sounds bout rt, I didn’t get a chance to count was in a hurry jus barely had a minute to snap these pics. Yeah, it’s a pretty fancy style … Didn’t even know it was there, saw glass Bld turns out its a Wendy’s.

I counted just over 50 panes so I’d agree with that price if it was ‘outs’ only. I wouldn’t dare quote for the insides until I went inside to look at the obstacles.

In the second picture it shows many chairs and tables inside. Keep in mind these restaurants are like dry cleaners super cheap.

$120 weekly would be nice

Wendy’s pays out themselves?? You don’t have to go through corporate?

$105/mo 100/bi-weekly 95/weekly On a weekly schedule I may rotate the uppers bi-weekly. I’ve been trying to get the wendy’s here we got like 6 of them. in a small area.

Thought I would’ve heard from management at Wendy’s by now it’s Wednesday, will see if they call by Friday.

The one I just started doing this week pays from corporate. I don’t know if that’s always the case.

If it is a franchise the check will come from them. If it is owned by Wendy’s International you have to go through corporate.

Thought i counted 58 panes. $70 outside only. Inside is gonna be extra greasy, so way more than that. To bad their food didn’t taste as good as the new design looks.

I would not bid it over $100.00. It will probably go for about $70-80.00 total for in and out. It should not take more than 2 hours to do in and out. Probably more like an hour to an hour and a half depending on speed. IMO $80.00-100.00 is s good price for a weekly account like this. I love these accounts. I used to have 10 wendy’s that went once a week. It really helped keep the schedule full year round. Plus I could start on them at 5:30 in the morning or sometimes earlier so I was able to do 3 before the day even started. I was able to have 3 days a week where I was pulling a lot of money in. The consistency is well worth the discounted price for me.

Once you get the jobs down there not really discounted. I got to where I was doing most of the restaurants in 30 min at $50.00 a pop. You could probably get this one down to under an hour. So at 80.00-100.00 that’s good money especially when it adds consistency to your schedule and regular money coming in. Just my take.